Fun Facts (Hints)

Here are some cool facts about riddles that may help get those brain juices flowing:
  • "What am I" riddles are one of the oldest types of riddle, and are seen in various pieces of historical literature.
  • Many teachers love to use riddles of the "What am I" variety, to help make sure their students are paying attention and engaging in the lessons.
  • These types of riddles are some of the most common, and some of the most frustrating.
  • African scholar Isidore Okpewho defines the riddle as a problem or puzzle is presented by a statement, and also when a response is offered in response to this problem or challenge.
  • Mind tricks in the form of riddle almost always attempt to swindle it's audience with tricky wordplay.
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    Can You Figure Out What I Am?

    Pencil lead
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    I Won't Cry But You Will

    Hint: It's something you can eat.
    An onion.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    You Answer Me

    A telephone.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    I Can Only Live Where There Is Light

    Hint: I'm always left behind.
    A Shadow.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    Can't Keep Me Until Given Riddle

    Hint: Everyone has the ability to give this.
    Your word.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    I Have Keys But No Lock

    A keyboard.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    Post Your What Am I Riddles Puns Below

    Can you come up with a cool, funny or clever What Am I Riddles of your own? Post it below (without the answer) to see if you can stump our users.

    1. I'm often found on a bike but never go anywhere, who am I? Answer: A stationary cyclist.

    2. Many people throw me away, but the only way to keep me is to give me away, who am I? Answer: A kiss.

    3. I may be slimy, but you'll find me in the garden and in a French delicacy, who am I? Answer: A snail.

    4. I'm soft and cuddly, and can be a fire hazard if not handled properly, who am I? Answer: A stuffed animal.

    5. I can be black or white, and am often found taking notes in court, who am I? Answer: A stenographer.

    6. I'm always in a hole, yet I hold things up, who am I? Answer: A doughnut.

    7. I may not have eyes, but I can see a lot and travel far, who am I? Answer: A camera.

    8. I'm round and I have a hole in the middle, and I can be both sweet or savory, who am I? Answer: A bagel.

    9. I'm flat and have wings, but I'm not an airplane, who am I? Answer: A pizza.

    10. You can put me in your pocket, but I'm not money, who am I? Answer: A handkerchief.

    11. I have a tail and can be fluffy, people often think I'm smelly, who am I? Answer: A skunk.

    12. I'm small but mighty, and I can be used to connect multiple devices, who am I? Answer: A USB cable.

    13. You can find me in a garden or a salad, but I'm not a flower, who am I? Answer: A radish.

    14. I'm slippery and slimy, but I'm essential for fishing, who am I? Answer: Bait.

    15. People love to pop me, but I'm not bubble wrap, who am I? Answer: Popcorn.

    16. I'm often used for protection, but I can also be a fashion accessory, who am I? Answer: Sunglasses.

    17. I'm often worn on your feet, and I come in many shapes and sizes, who am I? Answer: Shoes.

    18. I'm delicious with peanut butter, but I'm not bread, who am I? Answer: Jelly.

    19. I can be found in the ocean or on a plate, but I'm not a fish, who am I? Answer: Seaweed.

    20. You can eat me with a spoon, but I'm not soup, who am I? Answer: Ice cream.

    21. I come in many colors and can make a loud noise, but I'm not a rainbow, who am I? Answer: Fireworks.

    22. I'm found in the forest and can be used to make furniture, who am I? Answer: Wood.

    23. I'm often used for communication, and I come in many shapes and sizes, who am I? Answer: Phone.

    24. I'm found in the sky and can be shaped into different animals, who am I? Answer: Cloud.

    25. I can be salty or sweet, but I'm not popcorn, who am I? Answer: Pretzel.

    26. I'm caused by friction and can make things spark, who am I? Answer: Fire.

    27. I'm used on a cold night, but I'm not a blanket, who am I? Answer: Heater.

    28. I'm responsible for making breakfast, but I'm not a chef, who am I? Answer: Toaster.

    29. I'm found in the ocean and can be delicious on a plate, who am I? Answer: Crab.

    30. I'm used for drinking, but I'm not a cup, who am I? Answer: Straw.

    31. I'm used to keep food fresh, but I'm not a fridge, who am I? Answer: Zip lock bag.

    32. I can be used for cooking, but I'm not a pot, who am I? Answer: Oven.

    33. I'm often used for baking, but I'm not flour, who am I? Answer: Baking powder.

    34. I'm used for keeping time but I'm not a clock, who am I? Answer: Watch.

    35. I'm used to carry things, but I'm not a bag, who am I? Answer: Backpack.

    36. I can be used for cleaning, but I'm not soap, who am I? Answer: Detergent.

    37. You can see through me, but I'm not a window, who am I? Answer: Contact lens.

    38. I'm found in the sand and can be made into castles, who am I? Answer: Sandcastle.

    39. I'm used for music, but I'm not a guitar, who am I? Answer: Keyboard.

    40. I'm used for seeing in the dark, but I'm not a flashlight, who am I? Answer: Night vision goggles.

    41. I'm used for keeping clothes clean, but I'm not a washing machine, who am I? Answer: Dryer sheet.

    42. I'm often used for sports, but I'm not a ball, who am I? Answer: Sneakers.

    43. I'm used for cutting, but I'm not a knife, who am I? Answer: Scissors.

    44. I'm used to keep things organized, but I'm not a folder, who am I? Answer: Binder.

    45. I'm used for making things cold, but I'm not a fridge, who am I? Answer: Freezer.

    46. I'm used for making ice cream, but I'm not a bowl, who am I? Answer: Ice cream maker.

    47. I'm used for drinking coffee, but I'm not a cup, who am I? Answer: Mug.

    48. I'm used for making toast, but I'm not a toaster, who am I? Answer: Bread.

    49. I'm used for painting, but I'm not a brush, who am I? Answer: Palette.

    50. I'm used for writing, but I'm not a pen, who am I? Answer: Pencil.
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