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The Chocolate Exchange

A confectionery shop owner allows children to purchase a chocolate in exchange of five wrappers of the same chocolate. Children from the locality consumed 77 chocolates in a month. Now, they all collected them together and decide to buy back chocolates.

How many chocolates do you think they can buy using those 77 wrappers ?
19... Explanation:
The children can purchase 19 chocolates in return.

Out of 77 wrappers, 75 will be used to buy 15 chocolates and two will be left spare.
The 15 chocolates will create 15 empty wrappers that can be exchanged to get three chocolates.
Three chocolates will return three wrappers which will help them buy another chocolate.
Now the wrapper from this chocolate and the two spare that were left earlier will get them another chocolate. 15 + 3 + 1 = 19
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