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Shortcut Through The Woods

4 friends were walking home when they decided to take a shortcut through the woods. It begins to rain and they cannot find their way out of the woods since it becomes dark out. So they find a cabin and decide to stay in it till Morning. The cabin has no lights and no windows so it is pitch black. Scared, the 4 friends huddle together in the middle and decide to do the whole: 1 person stays awake to keep watch while everyone sleeps and they'd switch off every hour. But this plan didn't work as everyone was too scared to sleep. So they decided to play a game until sunrise. Each of the friends went into one of the four corners of cabin and played a game. one person would run out of their corner along the side of the cabin and tag the next person on their back and take their place. That person would then do the same as the last person and they would keep going at this till morning. They kept playing the game over and over till one of the friends realized something wrong and screamed. What did that person realize?
As soon as the 3rd person was tagged they'd run to a corner where no one is standing since person 1 is at corner 2, person 2 is corner 3 person 3 is corner 4.

Since they can't find a person there they screamed.
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