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A Detecdetective Dismas Of The Uganda Police Department Ugpd Was Investigating A Murder At Isbat It Was A Difficult Case And Dismas Was Completely Stumped Unt Riddles A Man Was Outside Taking A Walk When It Started To Rain The Man Didnt Have An Umbrella And He Wasnt Wearing A Hat His Clothes Got Soaked Yet Not A Single Hair On His Head Got Wet How Could This Ha Riddl Riddleshe Room Hanging From The Ceiling Leaving Him Hilton Riddles I Am Bigger Than Benus But Smaller Th Riddles Iam The Planet That Everyone Calls Red But Really My Soil Is Rust Riddles Kitchen Utensils Forks Riddle Me This A Person Wakes Up From His Night Sleep Then Got Some Cereal And Then Got Into His Care And Left For Work What Did He Open First Answer Riddles Sith Riddles What Does An Oak Tree Do At A Movie Theater When Riddles What Five Letter Word Has Six When U Riddles What Is Full When Its Used And Empty When Its Riddles What Is Greater Than God More Evil Than Devil The Poor Have The Riddles What Is The Only Word That Is Spelt Wrong In Every Dictionary Riddles Why Can T You Iron A Four Leaf Clover Riddles You Are Sleeping And Are Hungry And You Have Butter Cheese And Palony In The Fridge Riddlesng And Are Hungry And You Have Butter Cheese And Palony In The Fridge Riddles
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Give Darkness Light

I stand tall for 8 days and 8 nights, my greatest task is to give darkness light. What am I?
The Menorah
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