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Five Prom Couples Riddle

Five couples went to the prom as a group. The boys' names were Mark, Quintin, Jim, Bob, and James. The girls' names were Amanda, Betty, Susan, Jessica, and Jasmin. Each couple wore matching colors of either blue, yellow, red, green, or pink. Match the dates and the color they are wearing.

1) Two couples have the same first letter in their name. One of those letters is "B".

2) Susan wore red and Jessica wore blue.

3) Susan has more letters in her name than her date does.

4) Neither Mark nor Quintin went with Jasmin, who was wearing yellow.

5) Amanda went with Jim and they did not wear green.
Mark and Susan wore red.
Quintin and Jessica wore blue.
Jim and Amanda wore pink.
Bob and Betty wore green.
James and Jasmin wore yellow.
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