Fun Facts (Hints)

Puzzling questions have a rich history in literature and society in general. Here are a few things about riddles that you probably never knew:
  • Many scholars believe that there are only two types of riddles; enigma and conundrum.
  • Many ancient cultural stories from the Iroquois people are filled with whimsical joke-like riddles.
  • One very popular riddle form in the Kenyan culture is known as Mchongoano.
  • It is often said that every good riddle has a metaphor living inside of it.
  • Various studies have shown that people who regularly challenge their brains with riddles and puzzles have more brain activity than people who do so considerably less.
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    What Goes Up And Down Without Moving Riddle

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    What Gets Wetter And Wetter The More It Dries Riddle

    Hint: We use it everyday.
    A towel.
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    You Answer Me

    A telephone.
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    Rivers With No Water Riddle

    Hint: I represent an area of land or sea.
    A map.
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