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Hard riddles are universal, and continue to leave a lasting impression on many different cultures across the globe. Here are some interesting facts:
  • The mere definition of what a riddle is, is something that has drawn a large amount of debate between scholars for centuries.
  • Complex riddles have been used since ancient times, and extensively in ancient/medieval literature.
  • There is only one riddle in the Bible appearing in the book of Judges. It is known as "Samson's riddle."
  • Charades is a popular contemporary game created with the use of riddle.
  • In author J. R. R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' Bilbo Baggins is given a challenging riddle by Gollum, and his life was dependent upon getting the correct answer.
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    A Man In New York City

    When he gets on the subway it is 6 stops away from the end of the line (end of the track). So when it reaches this point it begins to work backwards. So when it goes back one stop he has traveled 7 stops but is only 5 away from where he began.
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    Closed Areas Riddle


    Look at how many closed areas there are.

    9999 has 4 closed areas (the top of the '9')
    8888 has 8 closed areas, the top and bottom parts of the 8 and there are no other digits
    1816 has 3 closed areas, (top and bottom of 8 and bottom of 6, and it has 2 other digits ( 3*2=6)
    1212 has 0 closed areas,(0*4=0)
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    I Have Keys But No Lock

    A keyboard.
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