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A Box Diamond That Most Loves To Eat Riddles A Family Lives In A Large Tower Appartment Building 10 Floors High Every Day Their Son Takes The Elevator From The Familys Apartment On The 10th Floor To The Ground Floor And Goes To School When He Returns In The Afternoon He Uses The Elevator To Get To The 5th Floor And Then Uses The Stairs For The Remaining 5 Riddles A Man Is Trapped In A Room The Ridd R Riddles A Single Mother Had Baby But She Was So Poor Riddles Basketball Court Riddles Brain Break Riddles Cannot Be Seen Cannot Be Felt Cannot Be Heard Cannot Be Smelt It Lies Behind Stars And Under Hills Anf Empty Holes If Fills I R Riddles Hard Work Riddles I Have 4 Fingers And 1 Thumb But Im Not Alive What Am I Riddles John Had 200k Mary Has 5k And Mark Will Have 500k Who Has The Most Amount Of Money Ridd Riddle My Neighbors Think Im A Nosy Old Woman But Today I Witnessed A Murder I Was Looking Out My Window When I Saw Something Through The Window Of The Apartment Building Opposite Me A Man Was In The Middle Of Riddles These Are In The Harry Potter Books And Lord Riddles, What Does The Snowman Eat For A Snack Riddles What Vegetable Can U Get From A Piece Of Burt Wood Riddles Your Parents A Riddles
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Breakfast Cat Riddle

What did the cat have for breakfast?
Mice Crispies!)
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