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A Man Lives In The Penthouse Of An Apartment Building Every Morning He Takes The Elevator Down To The Lobby And Leaves The Building Upon His Return However He Can Riddles A Man Wanted To Enter An Exclusive Club But Did Not Know The Pword That Was Required He Waited By The Door And Listened A Club Member Knocked On The Door And The Doorman Said Twelve The Member Replied Six And Was Let In A Second Member Came To Riddles A Person Wakes Up From His Night Sleep Then Gets Some Cereal Then Gets Into His Car And Leave For Work What Did He Riddles Graveyard Riddle Riddles Head Riddless 2 Eyes Riddles Hes Just A Poor Boy From A Poor Family Riddles I Am Taller Then You And Also Capable To Do Two Jobs At Riddles If You Were Alone In A Deserted House At Night And Had A Lamp A Fire And A Candle And Only Had One Match Which Would You Light First Riddles Im Great For Protection You Use Your F Riddles It Cannot Be Seen Cannot Be Felt Cannot Be Heard Cannot Be Smelt It Lies Behind Stars And Under Hills And Empty Holes It Fills It Comes Out First And Follows After Ends Life And Kills Laughter Ri Riddles Parakeets On A Roo Rid Riddles Scary Rhyming Riddles The Shorter I Am The Bigger I Am Riddles There Are Rid Riddles Zombie Riddles
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The Robbery On The Third Floor Riddle

My wife and I took a much-needed holiday in England. It's a long flight from New York to London. We checked into a nice hotel. After a long day of sightseeing we just collapsed into bed. Just a few minutes ago, we were woken up by some noises outside. I looked out the window and the police were everywhere. They yelled up to me that there was a robbery and a murderer on the second floor. I'm on the third floor, and I can see and I can see that the cops have the stairs and elevators locked down. The murderer can't get up to our floor, so we're in no danger. My wife and I are tired, so we're going back to bed. I really hope they catch the guy.

Why did the police yell to the guy if he was on the 3rd floor?
America and England have different ways of numbering floors. In America, it goes 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor. In England, it goes ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor.
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