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The Psychic Son Riddle

It's hard being a mother. I recently found out my son is psychic. He's got this habit of pointing at people's faces sometimes. My husband and I realized that whenever our son points at somebody like that, it means they're going to die within three days. Last year, he pointed at his grandfather. Three days later, his grandfather died of a heart attack. A few months ago he pointed to a picture of an actress in a magazine. Three days later, she was killed in a car accident. Today. When I went to turn on the TV, my son was pointing at the screen. When I turned it on the president was giving a speech. I can't believe the president is going to die, but my son is never wrong.

Why was the real reason her son was pointing at the television?
Her son was pointing at her reflection on the TV screen. The mother is going to die in three days.
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