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A Mann Have No Leg And Hand He Eat A Man Have Led And Hand And Riddles A Mother Was Killed In A Circular House The Kids Said They Were Playing With The Dog The Dad Said He Was Watching Football The Maid Said She Was Claening The Corner The Butler Said He Was Cleaning The Riddles Buildings Riddles Chinnad Hakki Ba Riddles Malayalam Hard Riddles Oak Tree In Riddles Okay Lets Imagine The Following John Had 200k Mary Has 5k And Markgosu Will Have 5 Riddles Spa Day Riddles The Teacher Wont Stop Yelling She Closes A Riddles There Are 5 People In The Room I Arrive And Kill How Many Are There Left In The Room Rid Riddles Truffle Riddles What Happened When The Mag Riddles What Heavy Se Riddles You Are Hungry And You Are Sleeping And You Ha Riddles You Lick Your Finger When You Touch Me And Spread Me Open What Am I Riddles
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Welcome To Donner's House

How do you get into Donner's house?
You ring the "deer"-bell
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