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A Ele Riddles To Solve

Solving A Ele Riddles

Here we've provide a compiled a list of the best a ele puzzles and riddles to solve we could find.

Our team works hard to help you piece fun ideas together to develop riddles based on different topics. Whether it's a class activity for school, event, scavenger hunt, puzzle assignment, your personal project or just fun in general our database serve as a tool to help you get started.

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Animals In The Fridge Riddle

1. We open the door, put the elephant in the refrigerator and close the door.
2. We should open the door, take the elephant out of refrigerator, put the giraffe in and close the door
3. The giraffe, hes still in the refrigerator
4. You swim across all the crocodile are at the party.
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Fridge Elephant Riddle

Look for footprints in the pizza!
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Elephant In The Fridge

The door won't shut!
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