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Evacuating From A Hurricane Riddle

You give the car to your best friend. He takes the lady to the hospital in your car. You wait with the woman of your dreams until your friend comes back in his van which can carry 5 people. Then you leave before the hurricane comes.
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In A Hurricane Some People Fear Me Riddle

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The Deaths Of Beulah And Craig

Beulah and Craig were hurricanes.
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Faster Than Any Man Alive

A tornado or a hurricane. The calm area in the middle of such a storm is called the eye and wind speeds can reach up to 300 mph in an extreme tornado. Neither one have any arms or legs, but that doesnt stop them from moving, does it?
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Killer Bertha Riddle

Bertha was a hurricane
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The Speed Of A Hurricane

Because if they traveled slowly, they'd be known as slow-i-canes.
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Women And Hurricanes Riddle

They start off as a blow job and end up taking half your house.
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Hurricane Conversation Riddle

I have my eye on you!
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Eyes That Dont See

The eye of a tornado or hurricane.
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Post Your Hurricane Riddles Puns Below

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1. What did Hurricane Katrina say to the Gulf Coast before making landfall? "I'm coming to make some waves."

2. Why did Hurricane Andrew refuse to use a calculator? Because he loved to do all the math himself.

3. Why did the hurricane apologize to Florida? Because he left a lot of debris behind, and he wanted to make amends.

4. What did one hurricane say to another after they broke up? "I'll always be the wind beneath your wings."

5. Why was Hurricane Sandy so angry? Because she was feeling beachy.

6. Why did Hurricane Dorian make so many people nervous? Because he was a real Category 5-panic.

7. How did the hurricane get a job as a weatherman? He had lots of gust experience.

8. Why did the hurricane refuse to take shelter inside a baseball stadium? Because he didn't want to get caught in a windup.

9. Why did Hurricane Michael go to the barber shop? He wanted a Category-5 haircut.

10. What was the favorite song of Hurricane Ike? "I Will Always Come Back to You."

11. Why did Hurricane Floyd visit Las Vegas? Because he loved to hit the casinos and make it rain.

12. What did Hurricane Jose say to his girlfriend before heading to the Caribbean? "You're my eye in the sky."

13. Why was Hurricane Camille so destructive? Because she had a destructive personality.

14. What was Hurricane Charley's favorite city to visit? Orlando, because he loved to Disney the place up.

15. How did Hurricane Matthew hear about the winter storm warning? He heard it through the hurricane vine.

16. What did Hurricane Wilma say to the coast of Florida as she approached? "You can run, but you can't hide."

17. Why was Hurricane Isabel so upset? Because she was just a Category 2 storm and couldn't live up to the hype.

18. What did Hurricane Rita say to her sister before they hit the Gulf Coast? "I'm coming, girl! We're going to blow them all away!"

19. Why was Hurricane Sandy so competitive? She was always trying to make a splash.

20. How did Hurricane Harvey get over his heartbreak after hitting Houston? He just kept on a-brewin'.

21. What did Hurricane Isaac say to Hurricane Ivan after seeing the wreckage in the Gulf of Mexico? "We really blew this one!"

22. Why did Hurricane Fran refuse to go near humans? She didn't want to cause any human-ity.

23. What did Hurricane Maria say to Hurricane Irma before hitting Puerto Rico? "Let's make a splash together."

24. Why did Hurricane Gustav refuse to leave New Orleans? Because he just loved the jazz.

25. What did a man say to Hurricane Florence when she knocked on his door? "Leave and never come back!"

26. Why did Hurricane Hugo love to visit the east coast so much? Because he loved the Carolinas.

27. How did Hurricane Dean keep his hair so perfect during a storm? He had a perfect eye.

28. What did Hurricane Hazel say to Hurricane Bob after hitting the East Coast? "That was a real blow-out."

29. Why did Hurricane Ingrid love to visit the Atlantic so much? She loved the beach, and her name sounded like "in the sea."

30. What did Hurricane Mitch say to Hurricane Felix before approaching Cuba? "Let's blow this island away!"

31. Why did Hurricane Ophelia refuse to hit the west coast? She was afraid of the earth-twang that might happen.

32. What did Hurricane Opal say to the Florida coast when she saw all the boarded-up shops? "Who put up all the shutters?"

33. Why did Hurricane Paloma refuse to visit Antarctica? She was afraid of the cold.

34. What did Hurricane Paula say to Hurricane Nate before hitting the Gulf Coast? "It's going to be a real blowout!"

35. Why did Hurricane Philippe visit the North Atlantic so often? He had a real frosty personality.

36. What did Hurricane Agnes say to the East Coast after causing so much damage in the '70s? "Sorry, I was a real floodhead back then."

37. Why did Hurricane Celia love to hit the Texas coast so much? Because she knew the state was "everything's bigger in Texas."

38. What did Hurricane Claudette say to Hurricane Cindy before hitting the Gulf Coast? "Let's make a real storm out there!"

39. Why did Hurricane Debby refuse to use a GPS on her tours? Because she loved to make her own winds.

40. What did Hurricane Diane say to her friend before hitting New England? "Let's go make a splash!"

41. Why was Hurricane Donna so popular among weather forecasters? Because she was always a hot topic.

42. What did Hurricane Edith say to Hurricane Alma after hitting the Gulf of Mexico? "That was a wild ride!"

43. Why did Hurricane Elena love to hit the Gulf Coast? Because she loved to blow things out of proportion.

44. What did Hurricane Felix say to the tourist before heading to the Caribbean? "I'm going to make a tropical depression out of you!"

45. Why did Hurricane Fran refuse to visit the west coast? She was afraid of the chill.

46. What did Hurricane Hazel say to the coast of the United States before making landfall in 1954? "I'm coming for you!"

47. Why did Hurricane Ines refuse to go near the Arctic circle? She was afraid of the cool reception.

48. What did Hurricane Isabel say to Hurricane Fabian before hitting the Caribbean? "Let's make a real splash out there, baby!"

49. Why did Hurricane Ione refuse to use a weather app? She preferred to rely on her own instincts.

50. What did Hurricane Juliet say to Hurricane Ike before hitting the Gulf of Mexico? "Let's make some waves!"