Fun Facts (Hints)

Here are some facts to consider while attempting to solve these:
  • A murder mystery that remains unsolved is called a cold case.
  • Homicide deaths by firearm are very high in the United States compared to other leading industrialized nations.
  • Detectives dedicate a great chunk of their time to keeping up with records and reports of situations they come across daily.
  • Edgar Allen Poe is said to have been the first major author to write a story based on a fictional detective.
  • According the Bureau of Labor statistics, there are a little over 750k detectives and police officers currently working inside of the United States.
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    Murder Riddles
    Looking for an entertaining set of murder riddles to do to help pass the time? Our team has searched the internet for the most fun and challenging riddles about murders that can possibly be found and placed them here.

    As the title of this category suggests, these puzzles are all based on murder mysteries.

    This form of riddle is one that was made a huge part of western culture with the help of famous literary works like Sherlock Holmes, and a plethora of movies and television shows that force viewers to try and figure out "Who dun it?"

    Think you're ready to take on some of the best modern murder riddles around? Here's your chance to release your inner detective.

    Be sure to take part in solving these riddles with others to have a bit of group fun. Good luck!

    Mark And Nancy Riddle

    It can be the babysitter or the chef.

    Explanation: Both of them are the culprit because if they went for dinner so why the chef is preparing dinner?

    And the other is the babysitter because she was ironing the shirt for school tomorrow but it was a Saturday so the next day is Sunday.
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    You Were In A Garden Riddle

    Firstly, the backyard and garden are the same. The answer is the same for both backyard and garden. As per the riddle, if you kill 30 people, the other 4 people escape from the garden. So 30 people are killed and 4 people escape from the backyard. Only the killer was left in the garden. Hence only 1 person was in the garden.
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    A Man Was Shot In The Heart Riddle

    The man was dead before getting shot in the heart.
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    You Enter A Bedroom There Are 34 People Riddle


    You walked into the room which added 1 + 34 = 35

    Then you take away 30 from 35 = 5
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    A Girl Got Killed The Killer Took Her Iphone Airpods Piano And Money Riddle

    Her life
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    Serial Killer Pill Riddle

    The poison was in the glass of water the victim drank. Therefore every time he would survive.
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    A Woman Was In Court For Killing Her Husband Riddle

    The woman was watching the jury and not the doors because she knew that her husband wouldn't walk through them because she had killed him. If she has really missed him like she said, she would have been watching the doors.
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    A Woman Is Walking Riddle

    Her life...
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    5 People In A Room

    2 people remain. Dont forget to count the murderer.
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    The Serial Killer Husband

    He was an executioner and she was sentenced to death.
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    Psychopath Test Riddle

    She reasoned that if the guy appeared at her mother's funeral, then he might appear another family funeral.

    If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American psychologist used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in this test and answered correctly.
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    10 White Men Riddle

    Someone bowled a strike. The ten white men are the pins, the dirt road is the bowling alley (its not dirt, but its the color of dirt, and if it said a smooth wooden alley it wouldnt be much of a riddle). Three eyes as black as night are the finger holes in the bowling ball.
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    4 Kids And 5 Rocks Riddle

    Kid1, he was left with one rock.
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    Leaving Innocent

    Luis and Jhon are Siamese twins!
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    Dead Desk Riddle

    The envelope glue was poisoned and when the man licked the envelope to seal it, he died.
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    Post Your Murder Riddles Puns Below

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    1. I saw someone kill a bunch of people with a calendar. It was premeditated murder.

    2. Did you hear about the chef who got caught cooking up a murder? It was a recipe for disaster.

    3. When the fashion designer's assistant was found dead, everyone suspected foul play. She had a killer sense of style.

    4. They couldn't figure out who killed the circus clown. There were just too many suspects, it was a clownspiracy.

    5. The gardener was accused of murder after a body was found in the flower bed. Looks like they finally found a plant that could root out the competition.

    6. The magician was accused of murder after making his assistant disappear. Turns out she was just waiting in the wings.

    7. The writer was found dead in his office with a pen in his hand. It was a case of the pen being mightier than the sword.

    8. When the cow was found dead in the field, they suspected the farmer. Looks like someone really had a beef with them.

    9. When the athlete was found murdered at the Olympic games, everyone was shocked. It was a real shot to the podium.

    10. The astronaut was accused of murder after a body was found on the space station. Looks like he wanted to take crime to new heights.

    11. The umpire was found murdered after making a controversial call. Looks like someone really struck out.

    12. When the opera singer was found dead, the detectives suspected the conductor. Looks like someone didn't like the way she sang.

    13. The film director was accused of murder after a stunt went wrong on set. Looks like he was really the director of death.

    14. When the politician was found dead in his office, the detectives suspected foul play. Looks like he was finally out of office.

    15. The banker was found murdered in his office after a break-in. Looks like the robbers wanted to make a large withdrawal.

    16. When the bartender was found dead, it was a real shot to the heart. Looks like someone wanted to take the "last call" quite literally.

    17. The dentist was accused of murder after a patient died during a procedure. Looks like they wanted to take a bite out of crime.

    18. When the detective was killed on the job, they finally solved the case. It was suicide.

    19. The carpenter was found dead with a hammer in his hand. Looks like he was hammering away at his enemies.

    20. When the pilot was killed in a crash, the detectives traveled all the way to the scene of the crime... by plane.

    21. The computer programmer was accused of murder when their virus killed someone's computer. Looks like they had a real killer app.

    22. When the swimmer was found dead in the pool, the detectives dove into the investigation. Looks like they wanted to unravel the depths of the mystery.

    23. The fortune teller was murdered in her shop. Looks like the crystal ball didn't predict this.

    24. When the tailor was killed, the detectives noticed a thread of evidence. Looks like they finally found the "fabric" of the case.

    25. The astronomer was killed during a meteor shower. Looks like they didn't see that one coming.

    26. When the archaeologist was killed while on a dig, the detectives discovered a bone-chilling clue. Looks like someone wasn't happy about the artifacts being unearthed.

    27. The drummer was killed during a concert. Looks like someone wanted to beat him to the punch.

    28. When the artist was killed in a museum, the detectives knew they had a masterpiece of a case. Looks like they finally found the frame of the matter.

    29. The comedian was killed on stage. Looks like they knew how to kill with their jokes.

    30. When the pizza delivery driver was killed, the detectives followed a very cheesy clue. Looks like someone really took the toppings too far.

    31. The firefighter was killed in a blaze. Looks like someone wanted to put out the heroism.

    32. When the soccer player was killed during a game, the detectives had to kick it into gear. Looks like they finally found the goal of the case.

    33. The plumber was killed on the job. Looks like they wanted to drain his life away.

    34. When the ice skater was killed, the detectives had chills going down their spine. Looks like they finally found the blade of the mystery.

    35. The hair stylist was killed in their salon. Looks like someone gave them the chop.

    36. When the mountain climber was killed on their ascent, the detectives had to scale the investigation. Looks like they finally found the summit of the case.

    37. The race car driver was killed during a event. Looks like they wanted to race ahead of the competition.

    38. When the swim coach was killed, the detectives immersed themselves in the case. Looks like someone had a stroke of madness.

    39. The psychologist was killed in their office. Looks like they couldn't cure the killer's insanity.

    40. When the pianist was killed during a performance, the detectives had to take note of the clues. Looks like they finally found the key to the case.

    41. The teacher was killed in their classroom. Looks like they had some serious homework to do.

    42. When the scientist was killed in their lab, the detectives had to experiment with the evidence. Looks like the killer wasn't one for formulas.

    43. The mural painter was killed while painting. Looks like they got the wrong kind of brush-off.

    44. When the butcher was killed in their shop, the detectives had to follow the meaty trail. Looks like someone wanted to cut the competition.

    45. The bus driver was killed while on duty. Looks like they were on the wrong route.

    46. When the astrophysicist was killed, the detectives had to investigate the universe for clues. Looks like someone was going to the black hole of prison.

    47. The DJ was killed during a rave. Looks like the killer wanted to spin a different tune.

    48. When the veterinarian was killed in their clinic, the detectives had to chase a different kind of animal. Looks like someone wanted to put the vet down.

    49. The actress was killed during a play. Looks like they took their role a little too seriously.

    50. When the athlete was killed during training, the detectives were put to the test. Looks like someone was ready to run away from punishment.
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