Fun Facts (Hints)

Here are some interesting facts about love and relationships:
  • Did you know for the average person it only takes about 4 minutes to decide whether or not they like someone.
  • Falling in love has neurological effects similar to those of cocaine, producing several euphoria-inducing chemicals that stimulate 12 areas of the brain at the same time.
  • Cuddling releases natural painkillers. Oxytocin, the so-called love or cuddle hormone, is produced during an embrace or cuddle.

  • Checkout these funny love jokes and one liners:
  • I'm sorry I wasn't part of your past, can I make it up by being in your future?
  • Love is telling someone to go to hell and worrying about them getting there safely.
  • Relationships are a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?
  • Never laugh at your girlfriends choices... you're one of them.
  • It's not a relationship until you argue about whose turn it is to apologize.
  • Never get on one knee for a girl who won't get on two for you.
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    The Girl Squirrel Riddle

    I am nuts about you.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    Experienced By Few But Treasured By All

    Your Beauty
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    It Can Make You Cry

    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    Something I Offer To You

    Hint: It's not love
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    Dating Men Riddle

    They already have boyfriends.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    Made By God In Pairs Riddle

    Soul mates
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    Man With The Broken Leg

    I have a crutch on you.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

    Who Do You Love?

    Your own reflection in the mirror.
    Did you answer this riddle correctly?
    YES  NO  

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    1. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw you and it was love at first sight.

    2. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears.

    3. Is your name Google? Because you have everything I've been searching for.

    4. Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest.

    5. Do you believe in love at first swipe? Because I'm swiping right for you every time.

    6. You must be a time traveler because I see my future with you.

    7. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you're an angel to me.

    8. Are you a wifi signal? Because I'm feeling a strong connection.

    9. Are you a shooting star? Because I wish for your love every night.

    10. You must be a dictionary because you add meaning to my life.

    11. Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got "fine" written all over you.

    12. Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.

    13. Are you a coin? Because you're worth more than just a penny to me.

    14. You must be a light switch because you turn me on.

    15. Are you an oven? Because I want to put a bun in your oven.

    16. Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?

    17. Are you an astronaut? Because you take my breath away each time.

    18. Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart.

    19. Are you a book? Because I can't put you down.

    20. Are you a star? Because you light up my world.

    21. You must be a genie because you've made all my wishes come true.

    22. Do you have a fever, or are you just always this hot?

    23. Are you a calculator? Because you solve all my problems.

    24. You must be a butterfly because you make my heart flutter.

    25. Are you a cupcake? Because you're sweet and irresistible.

    26. Do you have a library card? Because I'm checking you out.

    27. Are you a traffic light? Because every time I see you, I stop.

    28. You must be a rainbow because you bring color to my life.

    29. Are you a bank? Because I'd like to make a deposit in you.

    30. Are you a magnet? Because I'm attracted to you.

    31. Are you a circus? Because you're a real acrobat in my heart.

    32. You must be my phone's brightness because I can't live without you.

    33. Do you have a GPS? Because I'm lost in your love.

    34. Are you a doughnut? Because you're sweet and hole-some.

    35. You must be a puzzle because I can't stop trying to figure you out.

    36. Are you a chocolate bar? Because you're sweet and irresistible.

    37. Are you a garden? Because you're a blooming beauty.

    38. You must be a wizard because you put a spell on me.

    39. Do you have a charger? Because I'm running low on energy without you.

    40. Are you a rainbow? Because you light up my life.

    41. You must be an elevator because you bring me up.

    42. Are you a word search? Because I can't stop looking for you.

    43. Are you a ghost? Because you haunt my thoughts.

    44. You must be a ruler because without you, my life would be a mess.

    45. Are you a feather? Because you light up my life.

    46. Are you a tree? Because you raise the bar for beauty.

    47. You must be magic because I can't believe how wonderful you make me feel.

    48. Are you a flower garden? Because you take my breath away.

    49. Do you have a zodiac sign? Because yours is the only one I'm interested in.

    50. You must be a camera because I can't stop smiling every time I'm around you.
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