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Roaring Thunder And Lightening

Its a volcano
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The Riddle Of Sphinx

A person: ("Legs" is a metaphor for hands and knees in the first description and two legs and a cane in the last.)
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Measuring The Unknown Riddle

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Beginning Of Eternity Riddle

Letter E
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All I Do Is Wander And Devour

A tornado
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Riddle Me This

A riddle
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1. He was a walking thesaurus, his brain was a dictionary.

2. The chef was a magician, turning bland ingredients into culinary gold.

3. She was a whirlwind, leaving chaos in her wake.

4. His love was a flame, burning brighter with each passing day.

5. The teacher was a ninja, stealthily imparting knowledge to her students.

6. Her voice was honey, sweet and soothing to the ear.

7. He was a knight in shining armor, always coming to her rescue.

8. The politician was a snake, slithering and scheming to get his way.

9. Her smile was a ray of sunshine, brightening up even the gloomiest of days.

10. He was a workhorse, tirelessly plugging away at his job.

11. The singer was a bird, hitting high notes with ease.

12. Her wit was a rapier, sharp and deadly in a battle of wits.

13. He was a rock, steady and reliable in any situation.

14. The baker was a sculptor, crafting works of art out of dough.

15. She was a bookworm, devouring knowledge and stories with equal enthusiasm.

16. His dancing was a tornado, sweeping everyone up in its path.

17. The librarian was a detective, solving mysteries and tracking down information.

18. Her hair was a lion's mane, thick and wild.

19. He was a human calculator, effortlessly crunching numbers in his head.

20. The athlete was a gazelle, bounding across the field with grace.

21. Her laugh was a symphony, filling the room with music.

22. He was a jester, always ready with a joke or a prank.

23. The artist was a magician, conjuring beauty from thin air.

24. Her eyes were windows to the soul, showing every emotion.

25. He was a shepherd, guiding his flock towards success.

26. The engineer was a wizard, creating marvels of technology.

27. Her love was a balm, soothing and healing his heart.

28. He was a compass, always pointing in the right direction.

29. The doctor was a miracle worker, saving lives and curing ailments.

30. Her words were a sword, cutting deep with their truth.

31. He was a phoenix, rising from the ashes of failure.

32. The scientist was a explorer, discovering new worlds and possibilities.

33. Her smile was a secret weapon, disarming even the toughest critics.

34. He was a puzzle, complicated and intriguing.

35. The writer was a magician, weaving tales that transported readers to new worlds.

36. Her memory was a steel trap, never forgetting a single detail.

37. He was a marathon runner, pushing himself to the limit.

38. The coach was a mentor, inspiring his team to greatness.

39. Her hair was fire, wild and untamable.

40. He was a clown, bringing laughter to even the saddest of situations.

41. The gardener was a wizard, coaxing plants to their full potential.

42. Her love was a warm hug, comforting and reassuring.

43. He was a spider, spinning a web of ideas and creativity.

44. The musician was a conductor, leading the orchestra to perfection.

45. Her heart was a river, flowing freely and endlessly.

46. He was a chameleon, adapting to any situation or environment.

47. The chef was a painter, creating masterpieces on plates.

48. Her energy was a tornado, whipping up excitement and momentum.

49. He was a mastermind, always one step ahead of his competitors.

50. The teacher was a gardener, cultivating knowledge and curiosity in her students.
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