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Failed Salute Riddle

Saluting indoors is forbidden except when formally reporting to a superior officer.
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A Fighter Pilot And A Fighter Jet Riddle

The jet stops whining the engines are shut off.
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Branch Of The Military Riddle

The infantry!
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Sailors Playing Cards Riddle

The captain was sitting on the deck.
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1500 Plus 20 And 1600 Minus 40 Riddle

When you are using military time!
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Pirate Military Riddle

The navy, they love the sea!
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Breaking Up A Bingo Game In Iraq Riddle

Call out B-52
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Silent Military Riddle

Braille was based on a tactile military code called night writing, developed by Charles Barbier in response to Napoleons demand for a means for soldiers to communicate silently at night and without light. In Barbiers system, sets of 12 embossed dots encoded 36 different sounds. It proved to be too difficult for soldiers to recognize by touch and was rejected by the military.
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1. Why did the soldier refuse to wear camouflage pants? Because he couldn't find them!

2. Why did the barracks get scared at night? Because it heard the drill sergeant's snore!

3. Why do soldiers prefer to eat ice cream with a fork? Because they like to taste victory one scoop at a time!

4. Why was the soldier afraid of going to the gym? Because he heard he was going to be put through basic training!

5. Why did the spy cross the road? To get to the other side with classified documents!

6. How did the soldier feel after he was promoted to sergeant? He felt like a tank, ready to roll over anything in his way!

7. What did the drill sergeant say to the pillow? "Drop and give me 20 feathers!"

8. Why did the soldier feel like a superhero when he got his new boots? Because they were combat boots!

9. Why did the soldier refuse to swim in the ocean? He was afraid of going AWOL (absent without leave)!

10. Why did the recruit get lost on his first day at training camp? Because he couldn't find his sergeant's voice!

11. Why did the soldier put his coat on backwards? Because he wanted to march to the beat of his own drum!

12. Why did the sailor forget his compass? Because he was too busy swabbing the deck!

13. Why did the army chef become a drill sergeant? He wanted to whip his ingredients into shape!

14. How many soldiers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they prefer to operate in the dark!

15. Why did the special forces team go to the gym? To get ripped for duty!

16. Why did the airman jump out of the plane? He wanted to feel a sense of freefall in love with the sky!

17. What did the sergeant say to the soldier who lost his weapon? "Have you checked your pockets, private weapon-x?"

18. Why did the Admiral send the submarines to the repair shop? They were all sub-merged in problems!

19. How do you make a soldier smile? Give him a sniper rifle and a clear shot!

20. Why did the sergeant cross the road? To train the soldiers on the other side!

21. Why did the fighter jet take a detour through a farm? It was looking for a missile-toe!

22. Why did the soldier fall asleep in his tank? He was tired of rolling with the punches!

23. How many medals did the military dog win? Too many to count, he was a paw-some soldier!

24. Why did the soldier go running in the wilderness? He was tired of doing drills on a flatland!

25. Why did the army nurse take up knitting? She wanted to patch up her knitting skills for when she was done patching up soldiers!

26. What did the drill sergeant say to the soldier who was always late? "You're always lagging behind, you've got to march to your own beat!"

27. Why did the soldier sign up to join the military band? He was sick of marching to orders!

28. Why did the soldier wear a red shirt to battle? So the enemy couldn't see him behind enemy lines!

29. What did the marine biologist say to the soldier who thought he was the only one with "sea legs"? "You ain't got nothing on me, I live on the beach!"

30. What did the soldier say to the drill sergeant who was always on his case? "You're always drilling me, sir, but I'm already a soldier!"

31. Why did the soldier take a shower after every mission? To wash away the tears of his enemies!

32. Why did the naval officer love the ocean? Because it was always waving at him!

33. What did the drill sergeant say to the private who never made his bed? "You don't have to make it look good, private, just make it look like something!"

34. How many call signs does it take to replace a light bulb? None, they prefer to operate in the dark!

35. Why did the soldier love to play basketball? Because he could hit his enemies with a full court press!

36. What did the drill sergeant say to the soldier who couldn't hit the target? "I can teach you to shoot, private, but I can't teach you to hit!"

37. Why did the soldier get a haircut? He didn't want his helmet to fall off in combat!

38. Why did the spy wear two jackets on his mission? He wanted to double his undercover abilities!

39. Why did the soldier cross the road? To follow orders, sir!

40. What did the drill sergeant say to the soldier who always slept in? "You better get up on time, private, or I'll have to shoot you with my alarm clock!"

41. Why did the navy destroyer go to the dentist? It had a cavity to fill!

42. What did the air force pilot say to the army grunt? "You guys go ahead on the ground, I'll meet you in the air!"

43. Why did the soldier carry a couch into battle? He wanted to set up a field day!

44. What did the drill sergeant say to the soldier who never obeyed his commands? "You better start following my orders, private, or I'll make you a chairborne ranger!"

45. Why did the soldier wear a helmet in the shower? He didn't want to get soap in his eyes!

46. What did the spy say to his partner in crime? "We make a great team, you're my secret weapon!"

47. Why did the soldier go to the barbershop? He wanted to get sharp to the point!

48. What did the drill sergeant say to the soldier who forgot his canteen? "You better find water from the tears of your enemies!"

49. Why did the soldier wear a bulletproof vest to the gym? He was training his core muscles for combat!

50. What did the naval officer say to the submarine captain? "Dive deep and conquer, captain!"