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A Lady Is Unlocking The Door To Her Round House When She Hears A Scream She Goes In And Finds Her Husband Dead The Butcher Says I Was Chopping Meat The Cook Say Riddles A Man Was Found Dead Next To A 13 Story Building The Police Say It Was A Suicide But You Say It Was A Homicide Someone K Riddles Chinnada Hakki Bala Dinda Neeeu Kudiyuttade Riddles I Cut Through Evil Like A Double Edged Sword And Chaos Flees At My Approach Balance I Single Handedly Upraise Through Battles Fo Riddles I Have Seven Candles Lit Two Went Rid Riddles, If You Are Going Down A River At 2 Mph And Your Canoe Los Riddles If You Were Alone In A Deserted House At Nig Riddles Imagine Riddles Lung Riddles Me This Mary Had 500 Tom Has 50 And Alex Is Getting 1000 Who Has The Most Money Riddles My Dog Had 7 Puppies Puppy 1 Names Is Monday Puppy 2 Tuesday Puppy 3 Wednesday Puppy 4 Thursday Puppy 6 Saturday Puppy 7 Sunday What Is Pup Riddles She Had Riddles Train And Electricit Riddles What Do You Call An Over Weight Lion R Riddles Word That Describes A Type Of Literature Of Imaginary Riddles
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