Fun Facts (Hints)

Listed below are some obscure and potentially helpful facts about puzzle questions:
  • In the Zimbabwe system of education, puzzling questions are a major tool of educators.
  • In ancient Greek literature, the art of riddle was used extensively to help keep audiences engaged.
  • There are many studies that suggest that challenging yourself with puzzling questions on a regular basis provides tremendous benefits for the brain.
  • The definition and the amount of the types of riddles there actually are, is something that has caused debates between scholars all over the world for centuries.
  • Many modern teachers use questions in the form of puzzles to help their students exercise their brains, and to help think of new concepts they may not have otherwise.
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    Banana Clock Riddle

    Hint: 1. Look closely at the clock. 2. Number of Bananas. 3. Some thing regarding the sides of the Shapes figure.

    Logic :
    From 1st the hexagon shape has value 15.
    The shape has 15 edges(6 of hexagon,5 of Pentagon and 4 of Square)
    From 2nd we get value of one bunch of bananas is 4.
    So each banana has value of 1.
    From 3rd we get that each clock has value of 3.
    Which resembles the time on the clock which is 3.
    Hence by using these insights, we get the last required values as
    Clock = 2 (2 in the clock)
    Bananas = 3 (3 bananas in the bunch)
    Hexagon = 11 (Hexagon[6 sides] and pentagon[5 sides], so 6+5=11)
    So required value is
    2+3+33=? (Multiply first - Bodmas rule)
    5+33=38 and hence the answer is 38.
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    How Many Triangles Are There?

    Hint: Don't forget to count the outside :)
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    Sand Net Bikini Riddle

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    The Ball Pyramid Riddle


    It's very difficult to count an actual number of balls but it can be counted mathematically as illustrated below.

    Balls in lowest level most level, say level 1 : 4 * 4 = 16
    Level2 => 3 * 3 = 9
    Level3 => 2 * 2 = 4
    Leve4 => 1

    Summing up 16+9+4+1 = 30.
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    Genius Parking Puzzle

    Hint: There are 2 possible answers
    1. 87 - Look at the image upside down and you'll discover the parking spaces are in numerical order. 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91
    2. None, because you can't park a 'card'
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    Mixed Words Riddle

    1. Golyrbi : Girl - Boy
    2. Gondylou : Young - Old
    3. WpnuOd : Up - Down
    4. naawmnom : Man - Woman
    5. Titlghfer : Right - Left
    6. Egmooc : Come - Go
    7. Ydignhat : Day - Night
    8. Yyiannnurs : Sunny - Rainy
    9. Mmweetrrinus : Summer - Winter
    10. ciiavelglyt : City - Village
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    The Elf Plans Riddle

    Hint: Poor old Dancer was last.
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    Colors Pattern Riddle

    The latter part of # 8 should be white. The pattern on the left goes black, blue, yellow, red, black, etc, and the pattern on the right goes red, white, black, red, etc.
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    Who Owns The Fish?

    The German sits in his Green House, smoking his Prince cigars, drinking coffee, and watching his FISH.

    The rest go like this-
    1st House: Yellow, Norwegian, Water, Cats, Dunhill
    2nd House: Blue, Dane, Tea, Horse, Blends
    3rd House: Red, Brit, Milk, Birds, Pall Malls
    4th House: Green, German, Coffee, FISH, Prince
    5th House: White, Swede, Beer, Dogs, Bluemasters
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