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A Single Mother Has A Baby But She Is Poor So The Baby Didnt Have Food Clothes Or Shoes Wha Ridd Riddle Brokenhearted Riddles Ca Se Case Riddles Different Of Good Bear To The Bad Bear Riddles Head In The Clou Riddles How Can 2 P Riddles I Flew To Japan Bought Pair Of Shoes And A Shirt What Did I Buy First Riddles Im Great For Protection You Use Your Fingers To Get Me Off What Riddles It May Have Pi But Eaten It Cant Be Use Its Root Before Nine And Youll Get Three Riddles,ume That You Are Trapped In A House And The Door Has A Pcode Made In The Combination Of 4 Whole Numbers From 1 To 100 Two Numbers Are Revealed And Your Duty Is To Find Other Two Numbers To Get Out Of The House If Not You Will Die In Another 2 Hours Upside Down Riddles Vagina And Penis Ri Riddles Vegetable From A Piece Of Wood Riddles Vo Konsi Cheez Jo Baraf S Sfaid Hai Raat S Kaali Hai Mard Din M 3 Martaba Use Karta Hai Ar Aurat Zindagi M Aik Martaba Istimaal Karti Hai Khaana Haraam Hai Ar Peena Halaal Hai Meem S Start Hota Hai Riddles What Do They Call People Who Like To T Riddles When I Was Two My Brother Was Half My Riddles
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