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The Plane Ride To Florida

The wife bought her husband a one-way-ticket.
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The Murder Of Mr Brown

The chef killed Mr. Brown because he said he was cooking breakfast but it was a Sunday afternoon.
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The Three Children Riddle

The butler because the parents went to the store to get the groceries. Therefore, they were out of groceries and there was none to put away.
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The Spit Jam Mystery

The third servant because they said they were dusting the corners of the house, but the house has no corners since it's a circle!
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Murdered On A Sunday Morning

There is no mail on Sundays.
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The Family Murder Riddle

We know from (3) that the youngest person was not the victim, from (4) that the youngest person was not the helper and from (6) that the youngest person was not the killer. The youngest person can only have been the witness therefore. If we make up a chart there are now three possible combinations:

Oldest person (father) H H M

Next to oldest (mother) V M H

Next to youngest (son) M V V

Youngest (daughter) W W W

(H = Helper ; V = Victim ; M = Murderer ; W = Witness)

We can work out from (5) that the father was the oldest, from (2) that the youngest person must have been the daughter. Therefore the next to the youngest must have been the son and the next to the oldest, the mother.

Of three possibilities: the first is impossible (from (3) the youngest person and the victim were of different sexes); the third is also impossible (from (1) the witness and the helper were of different sexes). Therefore only the second possibility holds and the mother was the murderess
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Crime In The Forest Riddle

Hint: YEW know who.
A tree.
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Murdered On A Sunday Afternoon

The cook did it. You don't cook breakfast in the afternoon.
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Post Your Who Did It Riddles Puns Below

Can you come up with a cool, funny or clever Who Did It Riddles of your own? Post it below (without the answer) to see if you can stump our users.

1. Who stole my cheese? I'm pretty sure it's a gouda thief.

2. Who robbed the bank? It must have been the vaultless criminal.

3. Who took the cookies from the cookie jar? The crumbly evidence points to a guilty cookie monster.

4. Who broke into the art museum? I suspect it's the canvas thief.

5. Who kidnapped the President? The ransom note was signed by the Abductee-do gang.

6. Who stole my umbrella? It was a rainy day for the stolen goods thief.

7. Who swiped my bike? I'm guessing it's the wheely sneaky thief.

8. Who stole Santa's presents? The naughty list just got a little bit longer.

9. Who deleted my phone contacts? Unfortunately, it was the uncontactable culprit.

10. Who left the gate open? Sheepishly, the lamb thief confesses.

11. Who trashed my apartment? The chaos culprit made quite the mess.

12. Who stole my heart? The charmer thief strikes again.

13. Who spilt the milk? It's a tough case for the dairy detective.

14. Who stole my towel? The dry thief won't get far.

15. Who burnt the toast? The toasty thief was caught red-handed.

16. Who took my hat? The hat-tipper thief is on the loose.

17. Who stole my pens? The inkling of suspicion points to the pen thief.

18. Who ate my leftovers? The hungry culprit left their mark.

19. Who stole my car? The joyriding thief took off with a bang.

20. Who took my shoes? The shoeless bandit must have wanted them more.

21. Who erased my whiteboard? The clean slate thief strikes again.

22. Who stole my pillow? The sleep thief must have needed it more.

23. Who stole my stapler? The paper-thin case was solved quickly.

24. Who stole my wallet? The pickpocket thief has skills to pay the bills.

25. Who stole my headphones? The music-loving thief just couldn't resist.

26. Who put the empty carton back in the fridge? The offender is suspected to be the dairy desperado.

27. Who unplugged the fridge? The chilly thief had a bone to pick.

28. Who moved my chair? The seat thief just wanted a better view.

29. Who left the lights on? The illuminating thief needed a guiding light.

30. Who stole my water bottle? The thirsty thief couldn't resist a sip.

31. Who stole my calculator? The numbers don't lie- it was the math-magician thief.

32. Who stole my sunglasses? The shady thief had a sunny disposition.

33. Who took the batteries out of the remote? The power-hungry thief struck again.

34. Who stole my curling iron? The heat wave thief is on the loose.

35. Who stole my mouse pad? The computer-savvy thief won't get far.

36. Who stole my phone charger? The tech-savvy thief had some serious juice.

37. Who stole my air freshener? The scent slicer couldn't resist a fresh smell.

38. Who took my toothbrush? The clean-mouthed thief couldn't stand a dirty mouth.

39. Who took the TV remote? The channel-hopping thief just can't decide.

40. Who took my pillowcase? The sleepy thief couldn't resist a cozy cover.

41. Who stole my plant? The green-fingered thief couldn't pass up on a new addition.

42. Who took my deodorant? The fresh-smelling thief had some serious B.O.

43. Who stole my headphones case? The music-loving thief needed a place to store their jams.

44. Who took my hand sanitizer? The germaphobe thief couldn't resist a clean hand.

45. Who took my towel rack? The towel-rack thief had some serious shower organizing to do.

46. Who took my hairbrush? The hair thief was looking for a new style.

47. Who stole my lip balm? The smooth operator thief had chapped lips to soothe.

48. Who stole my shower curtain? The shower curtain thief had some redecorating to do.

49. Who stole my bedspread? The sleepy thief has some serious comfort to prioritize.

50. Who took my comfiest chair? The comfy thief will be napping in style.
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