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6 Dozen Red Roses And 2 Boxes Of Chocolates Which Costs 116 The Second Is 12 Dozen Red Roses And A Gold Necklace Which Costs 236 And The Third Is 6 Boxes Of Chocolates And 2 Gold Necklac Riddles 9999 4 8888 8 1816 6 1212 0 Then Riddles A Detective Was Investigating A Mur Bird Feeder Riddles Fairy Riddles If A Giraffe Has Two Eyes A Monkey Has 2 Eyes And An Elephant Has 2 Eyes How Many Eyes Do You Have Riddles Im A Toy And A Bird And We Both Fly Riddles Made From A Hide Done Up In Plait Carried By One In A Dark Hat He Carries A Bag Made For A Mask If Something Is Missing It Is Him You Should Ask R Riddles Mattheu Has 30 Dollars Riddles Musical Instruments Riddles, Nobody Will Get This Right You Are Sleeping Amd Riddles On A Sunday Morning The Old Rid Riddles What 2 Letters Can You Use To Spell Candy Riddles What Did The Food Critic Say About The Resteraunts In Alstralua Riddles Why Was The Belt Arrested Riddles
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Monday's Can Be Depressing Riddle

Monday's can be depressing which is why you need me, I I have a national day in which I'm given out for free. What am I?
Hint: It's a drink
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