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6 Dozen Red Roses And 2 Boxes Of Chocolates Which Costs 116 The Second Is 12 Dozen Red Roses And A Gold Necklace Which Costs 236 And The Third Is 6 Boxes Of Chocolates And 2 Gold Necklaces Which Costs 190 Based On This How Much Does One Red Rose Co Riddles A Boy Apair Of Shoes And Popcorn Riddles A For Clothes Rid R Riddles A Man Was Born In 1995 And Died In 1953 Riddles A Person Sleeping On A Bean Bag Riddles A Women Shoots Her Husband Then Holds Him Under The Water Finally Riddles Asa Konta Tara Ahe Jo Jaminivar Rahto Aani Kahi Divsat Aakashat Jato Riddles Butt Riddles How Does A Beaver Riddles Nobody Will Get This Right U Are Sleeping And Are Hungry And You Have Butter Cheese And Baloney In The Fridge Whats The First Thing You Will Open Riddles Screw Driver Riddles What Is A Person Sleeping On A Bean Bag Called Rwhat Is A Per Riddles When I Was Two Years Old My Brother Was Half My Age Riddles When Is An Eagles Nest Blessed Best Riddles Who Liv Riddles
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The Futuristic Cartoon Riddle

Who is the son of George in futuristic cartoon?
Elroy Jetson
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