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The Perfect Pill Riddle

The world is facing a serious viral infection. The government of various countries have issued every citizen two bottles. You as well have been given the same. Now one pill from each bottle is to be taken every day for a month to become immune to the virus. The problem is that if you take just one, or if you take two from the same bottle, you will die a painful death.

While using it, you hurriedly open the bottles and pour the tablets in your hand. Three tablets come down in your hand and you realize they look exactly the same and have same characteristics. You cant throw away the pill as they are limited and you cant put them back or you may put it wrong and may die someday.

How will you ensure that you are taking the right pill?
You must put labels on the tablets as A and B before using. In that case, if you pour tablets together, you will get 3A, 2A 1B, 1A 2B or 3B. If they are from the same bottles you can take one from another bottle and save the remaining two for another day. If you get two from same and one from other, you can draw one from another bottle and you will have two pairs of which you can eat one and save the other.
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