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The Policeman And The Boy

A police officer got out of his patrol car and saw a boy. He walked up to him asked him, "What's your name?"

"Shut up!" the boy replied innocently.

"Where's your manners?" asked the insulted police officer.

"Up that tree," said the boy nonchalantly, pointing to a proximate tree.

"You're seeking for trouble, aren't you?" said the police officer.

"No, trouble's seeking for me!" the boy replied sincerely.

What is happening here?
Actutally, the name of that boy is "Shut Up," and he is playing hide-and-seek with two of his friends who are named "Manners" and "Trouble". "Trouble" is the one who counted and he is looking for the other two boys. "Manners" is hiding up in the tree.
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