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A Man Is Found Dead D On A Sunday A Day Morning His Wife C A Man Is Found Dead D On A Sunday A Day Morning His Wife Calls The Police Immediately The Police Question The Wife And The Staff The Wife Said She Was Asleep The Cook Said He Was Cooking Breakfast The Gardener Said She Was Picking V Ri Riddles Can You Find The Mistake 1111 2222 Riddles Do Career Riddle Curtain Riddles Hudugiya Maava Hudugana Mavanige Thande Aadare Huduga Hudugiya Sambandha Riddles I Get Longer I A Get Pulled And Fit Snuggly Between Your Breasts I Slide Neatly Into A Hole But Choke People If Used In Riddles I Go To Mcdonalds To Order Food My Food Co Riddles I Have Keys But No Locks I Have A Space But No Room You C Riddles John Had 200 Mary Has 5k Mark H Riddles Military Riddles No One Will Get This Right A Single Dad Named Mark Was Left To Raise 3 Kids Billy Joey And Harry Billy Left For College In 2019 Joey Left In 2018 And Harry Left In 202 Who Left First Ridd Riddles Nobody Will Get This One Right You Are Sleeping And You Are Hungry U Have Butter Cheese And Polony In The Fridge Whats The First Thing You Will Open Riddles What Do You Get When A Turkey Lays An Egg On Top Of A Barn Riddles What Kind Of Pole Can Swim Riddles
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The Newspaper And Ice Cream

What did the newspaper say to the ice cream?
"What's the scoop?"
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