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A Family Lives In A Large Tower Appartment Building 10 Floors High Every Day Their Son Takes The Elevator From Riddles A Man In A Car See A Door Gold Door Silver Door And Diamond Door Which Door He Open First With Answer Riddles,, A Man Was Born In 1995 And Died In 1953 Riddles Blind Gi Riddles Box Of Chocolates Riddles Horny R Riddles I Can Be Anything But Alone I Am Nothing I Can Ri Riddles Lock And Key Riddles Matthew Has 20 Dollars He Spends 15 Dollars On A Red Bull What Does He Have Now Riddles Creature In The Sea Riddles My Son Was Playing With A Book And Tore Out The Pages 78100101 222 And 223 How Many Shee Riddles Washing Ma Riddles, What Is A Math Teachers Favorite Dessert 15 Letters Riddles What Is The Shape Of Watermelon Riddles What Mons Riddles You Are In A Locked Room With Six Bags Of Money Four Are Fake And Way 100 Grams And 1 Is Real And Weighs 101 You Only Have One Ch Riddle
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Buying Whatsapp Riddle

Why shouldn't have Facebook paid $18 Billion dollars for Whatsapp?
They could've downloaded it for free!
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