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A Man Buys A Horse For 60 Then Riddles A Yellow Men Lives In A Yellow House A Green Man Lives In A Green House A Red Men Lives In A Red House Who Lives In Riddles I Start With A P Ends W Riddles I Watch You Sleep Haunt You By Day You Stare At Me And Saw Nothing But Darkness What Am I Riddles If Love Was A Riddles If You Had Five Manggoes And Two Bananas Riddles Seals Riddles There Is A Tree Very Short Tree Inside That Tree A Witch A Very Short Witch That Stinks Like Fish My Question To You Is On The Scale From Tree To Fish Riddles Welcome You In Or Keep You Away I Could Really Swing Either Way Riddles What Did One Autumn Leaf Say To Ano Riddles What Did The Toilet Say To The Sink Riddles What Is Greater Then God More Evil Th Riddles What Never Asks Questions But Often G Riddles, What Time Is It To Go To Riddles Why Was The Artist Aftaod He Might Go To Jail Riddl Riddles
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Letters In A Series

What are the next two letters in this series? J F M A M J J A S O
N and D. These are initials of the months in a year.
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