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A Lady Is Unlocking The Door To Her Round House When She Hears A Scream She Goes In And Finds Her Husband Dead The Butc Riddles A Man Lives In The Penthouse Of An Apartment Building Every Morning He Takes The Elevator Down To The Lobby And Leaves The Building Upon His Return However He Can Only Travel Halfway Up In Riddles A Single Woman Has A Baby But Is Too Riddles Car Race A New York Riddles, I Am The 7th Planet From The Sun And The Planet Before Neptune Who A Riddles I Am Word Of 3 Letters Spelt The Same Backwards And Forwards Turn Me Upside Down I Become Your Mother What Am Riddles Lions Blood Riddles Path To Heaven Riddles Teamwork Riddle The Woman On T Riddles Under The Stairs Riddles Wealth Riddles What Does An Oak Tree To A The Riddles What Does An Oak Tree To A Theatre Wh Riddles, Where Spid Rid Riddles
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Using Protection Riddle

Im great for protection. You use your fingers to get me off. What am I?
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