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A Man Is Trapped In A Room The Room Has Only Two Possible Exits Two Doors Through The First Door There Is A Room Construct Riddlesume That You Are Trapped In A House And The Door Has A Pcode Made In The Combination Of 4 Whole Numbers From 1 To 100 Two Numbers Are Revealed And Your Duty Is To Find Other Two Numbers To Get Out Of The House If Not You Will Die In Another 2 Hours Broom Riddles Cousin Monday Tuesday Riddle I Am Known As The Red Planet I Hv Two Moons Who Am I It Is A Tiny House That You Will Find On The Shore Sometimes There Is A Tre Riddles Mary Had 100 Dollars Tom Has 50 Dollars And Alex Is Getting 1000 Dolla Riddles One Inch Riddles Ponounced As One Letter And Written With Three Two Letters There Are And Two Only Me I Am Double T Am Single I Riddles Related To Lipstick Riddles Sweater Riddles We Hurt Without Moving We Poison Without Touching We Bear The Truth And The Lies We Are Not To Be Judged By Our Size What Are We Riddles What Do Get When You Mix A Police Officer A Riddles What Do Skeletons Eat For Breakfast Riddles Which One Is Correc Riddles Yybbs.cgi Riddles'
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Laughing Billiards Riddle

How do you make a pool table laugh?
Put your hands down its pockets and tickle its balls!
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