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A Gas Planet Thats Off In The Distance Only Recently They Found My Rings In Existence Im Blue And Cold And Far Away P Riddles A Man Was Found Dead In A Riddles A Mother Was Killed In A Circular House The Kids Said They Riddles Alcohol Riddles At Last Count There Are 2300534 In The Us They Are Difficult To See And Riddles Birthday Card Riddles Cindy Has 5 Kids January Is Her First February Her Second March Her Third And April He Riddles I Can Be Flipped And Broken But I Never Move I Can Be Closed And Opened And Sometimes Removed I Am Sealed By Hands What Am I Riddles It Started As Prank I Got It Chunk Boulders Rid Riddles Little Things A Crime Happene Riddles Plant Riddles Staying Riddles The Bigger I Am The Less You Will Have What Am I Riddles What Do You Call A Computer That Only Types In Uppercase Riddles What Is The Last Letter Of The Alphabet Riddles
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Poor Kid Cookies

What cookie do poor kids want?
A fortune cookie!
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