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Dead In The Alley Way

The Police find a man dead in the alley way. A bullet hole is in his head. Beside the man is the gun that killed him (with his fingerprints), a handkerchief, and a tape recorder. The Detective pushes play on the tape recorder and hears that it starts from the beginning, and it says: "I'm sorry that I must end my life. I'm in debt and I don't know how to get out of it. I'm sorry..." then a second later he hears the gun go off. Why did the detective file the case as a murder instead of a suicide?
The tape started at the beginning and the gun shot was at the end. how could the man rewind the tape if he was already dead? Plus, the murderer could've used the the handkerchief to hold the gun and then puts the man's hand on the gun when he was dead so only his fingerprints were left behind.
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