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Finding The Clues

Hercule Poirot Detective reviewed the information they had on the case so far.

A lady named 'monica' was found shot and Hercule already had a list of suspects: rooney, torres, dabid, messi, ronaldo

Killer is a fan of Hercule and chalenge him by leaving notes at various places.

# The first was found in a drawing room.
# The second was found in an art room.
# The third was in a bed room.
# the fourth in an ice-cream room.
# The fifth at the desk room

All of the notes read the same thing, 'The clues are where you find the notes.' Still, nothing was found anywhere.

Hercule Poirot pause for a moment and then arrested the killer. Who was the killer?
Dabid is the killer

drawing room(D) , art room(a) , bed room (b) , ice-cream room (i) , desk room (d)
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