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The Picnic Pattern Riddle

There were three friends- Jade, Alicia, and Damien, and they were playing a game called "I'm Going on a Picnic." The object of the game is to figure out the pattern of the objects listed.

(Jade starts, then Alicia and Damien-Assume that they could all go to the picnic.)

Jade: I'm going on a picnic. and I'm going to bring Ants.
Alicia: I'm going to bring Dogs.
Damien: I'm bringing some Juice.
Jade: Lemons.
Alicia: An Almanac.
Damien: Art.
Jade: Iguanas.
Alicia: Money.
Damien: Dirt.
Jade: Cats.
Alicia: Igloos.
Damien: Elephants...

What is the pattern?
Hint: Look at the first letters of what Damien says, then look at the first letter of what Jade and Alicia say. Think about it, but not too hard!
They were spelling out the name of the person who would go after them.

(Damien said Juice, Art, Dirt, and Elephants-JADE)
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