Fun Facts (Hints)

Hard riddles are universal, and continue to leave a lasting impression on many different cultures across the globe. Here are some interesting facts:
  • The mere definition of what a riddle is, is something that has drawn a large amount of debate between scholars for centuries.
  • Complex riddles have been used since ancient times, and extensively in ancient/medieval literature.
  • There is only one riddle in the Bible appearing in the book of Judges. It is known as "Samson's riddle."
  • Charades is a popular contemporary game created with the use of riddle.
  • In author J. R. R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' Bilbo Baggins is given a challenging riddle by Gollum, and his life was dependent upon getting the correct answer.
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    Really Hard & Short Complex Riddles To Challenge You

    Hard Riddles
    This compilation of very difficult riddles is one of the best riddle collections on the web. With short challenging riddles like these you may go a bit crazy at times but the mental stretching that you'll receive from completing these incredible riddles will make it worth your while.

    While some hard riddles are meant for mastering instantly, these are the best of the best and more than likely will not be able to be answered promptly.

    Whether you are an exceptional thinker who is ready to take on one of the greatest advanced riddles collections known to man or whether you're a teacher that is just looking for some really hard riddles with answers to give out to students, at Riddles and Answers we find the most complex riddles known to man, daily.

    Remember before starting that these brain teasers are very tough riddles with answers readily available. If you find yourself stuck on one problem for too long, it's ok to move on to the next one. Just be sure to attempt these challenging riddles every day to help keep your brain functioning at a high level.

    A Train Leaves From Halifax Riddle

    Both trains would be at the same spot when they meet therefore they are both equally close to Halifax.
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    An Island That Has 3 Gods

    Question 1: (To any of the three gods) If I were to ask you "Is that the random god," would your answer be "ja?" (This questions, no matter the answer, will enable you to tell which god is not random i.e. the god who is either False or True)

    Question 2: (To either the True or False god) If I asked you "are you false," would your answer be "ja?"

    Question 3: (To the same god you asked the second question) If I asked you "whether the first god I spoke to is random," would your answer be "ja?"
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    Fooled By Thunder

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    Under The Cup Riddle

    Hint: Write down the possibilities. Remember that there are only three cups, so if the rightmost cup wasn't touched...
    The rightmost cup.

    The rightmost cup has a half chance of holding the coin, and the other cups have a quarter chance.

    Pretend that Os represent cups, and Q represents the cup with the coin.

    The game starts like this:


    Then your friend switches the rightmost cup with another, giving two possibilities, with equal chance:


    Your friend then moves the cups again, but doesn't touch the rightmost cup. The only switch possible is with the leftmost cup and the middle cup. This gives two possibilities with equal chance:


    Lastly, your friend switches the rightmost cup with another cup. If the first possibility shown above was true, there would be two possibilities, with equal chance:


    If the second possibility shown above (In the second switch) was true, there would be two possibilities with equal chance:


    This means there are four possibilities altogether, with equal chance:


    This means each possibility equals to a quarter chance, and because there are two possibilities with the rightmost cup having the coin, there is a half chance that the coin is there.
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    Dropping Coconuts Riddle

    Hint: They break when dropped from the same height and they don't weaken from getting dropped.
    You could drop it at floor 1 first (because you start at floor 1). Then you would go to the floors: 14, 27, 39, 50, 60, 69, 77, 84, 90, 95, 99, and 100. Whatever floor your first coconut breaks at, go to the floor above the last floor the coconut survived and drop the second coconut from this floor. Then go up by one floor until the second coconut breaks and that is the lowest floor it will break at.
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    Coconut Sentence Riddle

    Hint: Listen closely...

    If 'this' is a coconut, and 'that' is a coconut, then 'is' 'this' a coconut.
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    The Weight Of A Melon Riddle

    Hint: We are to determine X the total mass of melon after the drying. The Dry weight, DW is 1lb both before and after the drying. The New Water weight, WNW is clearly X - DW or X - 1
    50 lbs.
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    Give Me Food And I Will Live Give Me Water And I Will Die

    A fire.
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    Prince Age Riddle

    Current Future Past

    Princess x 2z (x+y)/2
    Prince y x z

    I then created three equations, since the difference in their age will always be the same.

    d = the difference in ages

    x y = d
    2z x = d
    x/2 + y/2 z = d

    I then created a matrix and solved it using row reduction.

    x y z

    1 -1 0 d
    -1 0 2 d
    .5 .5 -1 d

    It reduced to:

    x y z

    1 0 0 4d
    0 1 0 3d
    0 0 1 5d/2

    This means that you can pick any difference you want (an even one presumably because you want integer ages).

    Princess age: 4d
    Prince age: 3d

    Ages that work


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    Missing Dollar Riddle

    Hint: Make a list of all of the people involved and how much money they ended up with/spent.
    The $9 paid by each guest accounts for the $2 that went to the bellhop. So rather than adding $27 to the $2 kept by the bellhop, the $27 accounts for the bellhops money. The $27 plus the $3 kept by the guests does add up to $30.
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