Fun Facts (Hints)

Hard riddles are universal, and continue to leave a lasting impression on many different cultures across the globe. Here are some interesting facts:
  • The mere definition of what a riddle is, is something that has drawn a large amount of debate between scholars for centuries.
  • Complex riddles have been used since ancient times, and extensively in ancient/medieval literature.
  • There is only one riddle in the Bible appearing in the book of Judges. It is known as "Samson's riddle."
  • Charades is a popular contemporary game created with the use of riddle.
  • In author J. R. R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' Bilbo Baggins is given a challenging riddle by Gollum, and his life was dependent upon getting the correct answer.
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    Really Hard & Short Complex Riddles To Challenge You

    Hard Riddles
    This compilation of very difficult riddles is one of the best riddle collections on the web. With short challenging riddles like these you may go a bit crazy at times but the mental stretching that you'll receive from completing these incredible riddles will make it worth your while.

    While some hard riddles are meant for mastering instantly, these are the best of the best and more than likely will not be able to be answered promptly.

    Whether you are an exceptional thinker who is ready to take on one of the greatest advanced riddles collections known to man or whether you're a teacher that is just looking for some really hard riddles with answers to give out to students, at Riddles and Answers we find the most complex riddles known to man, daily.

    Remember before starting that these brain teasers are very tough riddles with answers readily available. If you find yourself stuck on one problem for too long, it's ok to move on to the next one. Just be sure to attempt these challenging riddles every day to help keep your brain functioning at a high level.

    12 Pills Riddle

    E = easier in "1", H = heavier in "1". 1: Weight 4:4. If they balance go to "2", if they don't balance, go to "3". 2: Balance 1:1 of the pills you didn't weight yet. Then weight one you didn't weight and one you did weight. If they balanced in the first weighing, and balanced in the second weighing, the last pill is the right one. If they balanced in the first weighing and didn't balance in the second, the one you didn't use before is the right pill. If they didn't balance at all, it's the pill you weighed twice. If they didn't balance in the first weighing, but balanced in the second, it is the first pill. 3: Weight EHH : EHH. If they balance, weight one you already weighed, with an unweighed and go to "4". If they don't balance go to "5". 4: If they balance, the one you didn't weight at all is the right pill. If they don't balance, the one you only weighed once is the right one. 5: Give away every pill that was once easier AND once heavier. You should only have EHH left. Weight H:H. If they balance, E is the right one. If the don't balance, the one which was only heavier the whole time, is the right pill.
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    I Am A 8 Letter Word Riddle

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    A Woman Was In Court For Killing Her Husband Riddle

    The woman was watching the jury and not the doors because she knew that her husband wouldn't walk through them because she had killed him. If she has really missed him like she said, she would have been watching the doors.
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    12 Islanders Teeter Totter Riddle

    Six on one side - six on the other = one side is heavier.

    Take the heavier six men, divide them into three and three (random).

    Three on one side - three on the other = one side will one heavier.

    Divide that three men from the heavier side side, have one on one side - one on the other.

    Two results can determine which of the last three men weight is a different weight than each other.

    With the last group of three men, have two men go head-to-head. The see-saw will either weight different: one weights more than the other man meaning the heavier man is the "12th man" or the see-saw will balance between the two men because they are the same weight. That means the third man standing on the sidelines by default weights more than the last two men weighted. Thus making that man on the sidelines the "12th man" that weights more than other 11.

    Heavier wins 6v6; winner gets divided. Heavier wins 3v3; winner gets divided. Heavier wins 1v1 (12th man) or Equal 1v1 = third man weight more, he's the 12th man.

    You could find the same results changing the process and picking from the lighter group three times. You’re only trying to find the difference in weight. Not the exact weight (more or less) of that "12th man."

    Lightest 6v6; Lightest 3v3; Lightest 1v1 or Equal 1v1 = third man weight less.
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    I Can Be The Sun Sand And A Bird Riddle

    A clock (sundial, hourglass and cuckoo clock).
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    Pierce Ones Ears Riddle

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    Shoe Man Whistle

    The third equation has a term with a pair of whistles. The last line involves a single whistle.

    Furthermore, the man in the second and third lines are wearing a whistle, but the man in the last line is not wearing a whistle. Presumably the value of the whistle should be accounted for to get the correct answer.

    The pictures can be translated into the following equations:

    shoes + shoes + shoes = 30
    shoes + (man + whistle) + (man + whistle) = 20
    (man + whistle) + 2(whistles) + 2(whistles) = 13
    shoes + (man) x (whistle) = ?

    From the first equation we can solve for the shoes value:

    shoes + shoes + shoes = 30
    3(shoes) = 30
    shoes = 10

    We can then solve the second equation for the (man + whistle) value:

    shoes + (man + whistle) + (man + whistle) = 20
    10 + 2(man + whistle) = 20
    2(man + whistle) = 10
    man + whistle = 5

    Then we solve the third equation for the whistle:

    (man + whistle) + 2(whistles) + 2(whistles) = 13
    5 + 4(whistles) = 13
    4(whistles) = 8
    whistle = 2

    We also need to solve for the value of the man:

    man + whistle = 5
    man + 2 = 5
    man = 3

    Now we can evaluate the final expression, remembering the order of operations that multiplication should be evaluated before addition:

    shoes + (man) x (whistle) = ?

    10 + 3 x 2
    = 10 + 3 x 2
    = 10 + 6
    = 16
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    A Single Candle On A Cake

    1 of your 7 year cycles! You go through 7 cycles every year. The first cycle starts on your birthday, and each of the 7 cycles lasts 52 days. (7x52=364).

    You only have to find your personal cycle numbers once, because it's always the same, year after year.
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    $100 Bill Grocery Store Thief

    The best answer from the choices is the owner lost $100. The $100 bill that was stolen was then given back to the owner. What the owner loses is the $70 worth of goods and the $30 in change, which makes for a total of $70 + $30 = $100. The owner has lost $100.

    Technically, the owner lost $30 plus the value, V, of the $70 of goods. Since stores typically sell goods at a markup, the value may be less than $70. But in the case of a loss leader, the owner may have lost more than $70.
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    Five Rows Of Four Christmas Trees Riddle

    Just imagine a 5 pointed star, and then plant one tree at each point, and one tree where the sides intersect.

    There are actually several distinct solutions. All of them can be constructed as follows:

    Draw a nice long straight line.
    Draw a second straight line that intersects the first.
    Draw three more straight lines making sure each line intersects all the lines youve already drawn and avoiding any of the previous points of intersection. That is, no three lines should intersect at the same point.

    With the first four lines, theres only one topologically distinct configuration, but by varying the position of the fifth line, several different distinct configurations can be created.
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