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The Graveyard Of Ol' Man Jenkins

There was a girl who was extremely brave and always bragged about how brave she was. Many of her classmates got sick and tired of her boasting, so they decided to play a trick on her. One day, a group of boys and girls walked up to her and said, " If you're so brave, we all dare you to go to the old graveyard at the back of Ol' Man Jenkins mansion all alone at midnight. Stand in front of a tombstone, rumor has it that if you do, a bony hand will reach out and grab you, dragging you underground! You said you were brave so that shouldn't be so hard! To prove that you actually went, stick a knife in front of a tombstone so in the morning, we'll know you were there." Of course, the girl couldn't refuse and agreed to the dare. At midnight, she did just as her classmates asked and went to the graveyard with a pocketknife. The night was cold and windy, blowing her dress, chills went up her spine. She slowly walked up to a tombstone and quickly stuck the pocket knife into the ground. She was beginning to feel not as brave as she thought she was. Turning around as fast as she could, she just wanted to get out of there right away! But, there was a problem. Something was stopping her from moving. Was it a bony hand trying to drag her down? A shrill scream was heard. The next morning, the boys and girls went to the graveyard to see if the girl had been there. To their horror, she was there, dead.

1) What prevented the girl from escaping the graveyard?
2) How did the girl die?
1) The girl was wearing a dress at the graveyard. It was dark, so she hadn't noticed where she stuck the knife in the ground. She accidently stuck it in her dress (and the girl DID NOT get hurt by the knife in any way). That is what prevented her from running away.

2) Since the knife had her stuck, she was frighted that the rumor of the bony hand was true and had grabbed her, trying to pull her into the ground. She was truly terrified and died of fright.
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