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Solve These Coronavirus Riddles!

Coronavirus Riddles
Social distancing, self quarantine, stay at home orders, what does it all mean? Means boredom! Here's some free entertainment, try solving these coronavirus riddles and puzzles and get your friends involved!

Man Say To The Bartender Riddle

I'll have a corona, hold the virus.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

You Have A Fever Riddle

Self I so late
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Dont Understand A Coronavirus Riddle

Be patient.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Panic-buying Of Sausage And Cheese Riddle

The wurst kase scenario.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Coronavirus Lunch Riddle

Mac and sneeze.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Coronavirus Chefs Riddle

They're in bad taste.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

The First Word You See Is Where You Are Going In April

Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Shoe Guy Scarf Riddle

43. Shoe (5) + Man, two scarves and two shoes (19) times scarf (2).

19 x 2 is 38. 38 + 5 is 43.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Coronavirus Boats Ridde

The dock!
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

About The Coronavirus Riddle

Never mind, I don’t want to spread it around.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

COVID-19 And Romeo And Juliet Riddle

One's the coronavirus and the other is a Verona crisis.
Did you answer this riddle correctly?

Post Your Coronavirus Riddles Puns Below

Can you come up with a cool, funny or clever Coronavirus Riddles of your own? Post it below (without the answer) to see if you can stump our users.

1. What do you call a coronavirus that has been eliminated? A coronabusted breaker!

2. Why did the coronavirus go to school? To get coron-educated!

3. What did the coronavirus say to the toilet paper? I’m coming for you!

4. Why did the coronavirus break up with his girlfriend? She was no longer his "quarantine"!

5. What do you call a group of people that refuse to wear masks during the pandemic? Covid-iots!

6. What’s a vampire's favorite drink during the pandemic? A Bloody Mary with an extra dose of garlic!

7. What did the man say when he lost his sense of taste and smell from the virus? This really bites!

8. Why did the bartender refuse to serve the coronavirus? Because it wasn't 21 yet!

9. Why was the computer cold during the pandemic? Because it left its Windows open!

10. Why did the coronavirus choke? It caught something in its S-protein!

11. What did the grape say when it was being squished to make wine during the pandemic? I can’t breathe!

12. Why did the coronaparty get canceled? They couldn't find anyone to cel-lung-brate with!

13. How do you organize a party in a pandemic? You PLANdemic it!

14. Why did the work-from-home mom file for a tax break during the pandemic? Because she’s never worked harder in her life… and she has the gray hairs to prove it!

15. How did the sheep survive the coronavirus outbreak? It practiced social bleating!

16. Why did the germ freak out during the pandemic? Because it caught its own germophobia!

17. What do you get when you cross a coronavirus with a comedian? A "Plague Point" of laughter!

18. Why did the airline ban the coronavirus from getting on board? Because it refused to wear a mask!

19. Why did the coronapistol shoot the bananas? They were peeling!

20. How do you know if the coronavirus is lying? Its nose always grows longer!

21. What did the avocado say to the mask during the pandemic? "Let’s guac ’n roll!"

22. Why did the guitarist refuse to play any concerts during the pandemic? Because it was dangerous to play in crowds with so many airborne notes!

23. What did the tomato say when it was told to social distance? Why, I don't have to change, I'm already in a pod!

24. Why did the punk rock coronavirus start a fight with the government? Because it wanted anarchy in the UK!

25. What do you call a sick bird during a pandemic? Fowl play!

26. How do you know if you have the virus and not allergies? You can’t smell the roses or taste the pollen!

27. Why did the surgeon get fired during the pandemic? He kept saying "Open your mouth and say, ‘Ah,choo!’"

28. How do you make sure the coronavirus stays out of your house? Lock the Wuhan-derwall!

29. What did the taxidermist say during the pandemic? Everybody knows this of course, there’s no money in the cough drawers!

30. What’s the difference between the coronavirus and a bank robber? Nothing, they both wear masks and take your breath away!

31. Why did the gardener refuse to go outside during the pandemic? He didn’t want to put his plants at risk of getting sick… they were too sproutable!

32. What happened when the coronavirus tried to start a race? All the other germs ran away!

33. Why don't they allow pianists to play concerts during the pandemic? Because they couldn't get their hands on enough soap to wash their hands!

34. What did the bear say during the pandemic? "I'm so ‘high paw’-tent!"

35. Why did the policeman arrest the coronavirus? For breaking and entering the human body!

36. How do you get a coronavirus to clean its room? You say, "Hey, corona-swab!"

37. What did the basketball coach say during the pandemic? "Get ready to mask up and shoot some hoops!"

38. What did the carrot say at the end of the pandemic? "Phew! I root this goes away soon!"

39. How did the blonde survive the pandemic? She followed the rules! She stayed six feet tall!

40. Why did the barber run away from the coronavirus? Because it didn't want to get cutting-edge technology!

41. What did the virus say while it was being fought? "Well, this SARS!"

42. Why did the math teacher make her students study during the pandemic? She wanted them to be fluent in Corona-metrics!

43. What did the phone say to the coronavirus? "You can't hang around here, I've already gotten a busy signal from everyone else!"

44. What did the rooster say when the virus woke him up early? "No bad feather days allowed!"

45. Why did the yogi refuse to go to class during the pandemic? She didn’t want to inhale anyone else’s down-dog breath.

46. What kind of music did the virus listen to during the pandemic? Heavy COVID-19 metal!

47. Why did the bush refuse to make a donation to the coronavirus cause? It didn't want to support any new branches of the virus!

48. What did the marine biologist say during the pandemic? "I hate to otter say it, but I’m feeling a little shell-shocked!"

49. How do you know if a mask is bad Filtiration? It’ll leave you breathless!

50. What did the little mermaid say to the land creatures during the pandemic? "We're in this sea-together!"