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A Boy Had Sex Using Protection A Few Weeks Later His Girlfri Riddles A Man Has To Get A Fox A Chicken And A Sack Of Corn Across A River He Has Rowboat And It Can Only Carry Him Riddles Always Eating And Forever Cloying Its All Devouring And All Destroying It Never Riddlesist With Erections Some How Many Animals Are Going Towards The River Answer R Riddles I Played For Alex F Riddles I Run But Never Walk I Have Hands But No Arms To See In The Face But Do Not Talk No Ice But My Name Might Disagree What Am I Riddles Im Sometime Pink At One End But Im Not Lipstick I Can Come In Many Different Colors But Im Not A Car I Can Become Blunt But Im Not A Knife I Contain Lead But Im Not Metallic Im A Writing Instrument Bu Ri Riddles Kilt Riddles Theres A Hoe Around Town She Closed Her Room Door Her Closet Door And Her Mouth What Did She Forget To Close Riddles Truffle R Riddles What Did The Rabbit Say To His Girlfriend On Valentines Day Riddles What Do You Call A Nosy Pepper Riddles You Are Sleeping And You Are Hungry And You Have Butter Cheese And Bologna In The Fridge What Do You Open First Riddles You Stay Alone And You Are Sleeping In Your Bedroom Your Parents Ring Your Doorbell As They Have Come To Have Breakfast With You You Have Milk Bread H Riddles Your Hungry And Sleeping What Do You Open First Riddles
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Living In Your Car Riddle

What would you call the USA if everyone lived in their cars?
An in-car-nation!
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