Fun Facts (Hints)

Mathematics has an extensive history in just about every culture or civilized society known to man. Listed below are some cool facts to get those math juices flowing:
  • In 1852 mathematician JJ Sylvester established the "theory of algebraic invariants."
  • In 1995 math great Andrew Wiles, proved "Fermat's Last Theorem."
  • The first decimal number system is said to have been invented in Ancient Egypt around 5000BC.
  • The Ancient Mayan civilization located in Central America is one of the only cultures in the recorded history of the world to use a place-value number system.
  • The American Mathematical Society was formed in the late months of 1888 in New York.
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    Math Brain Teasers
    Math brain teasers are awesome math questions and problems given to entertain us while at the same time giving us an education. Cognitive skills are vital to performing well in almost every activity that we participate in daily, especially in the math field.

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    The Weight Of A Melon Riddle

    Hint: We are to determine X the total mass of melon after the drying. The Dry weight, DW is 1lb both before and after the drying. The New Water weight, WNW is clearly X - DW or X - 1
    50 lbs.
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    A Lady Steals $100

    The best answer from the choices is the owner lost $100. The $100 bill that was stolen was then given back to the owner. What the owner loses is the $70 worth of goods and the $30 in change, which makes for a total of $70 + $30 = $100. The owner has lost $100.

    Technically, the owner lost $30 plus the value, V, of the $70 of goods. Since stores typically sell goods at a markup, the value may be less than $70. But in the case of a loss leader, the owner may have lost more than $70.
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    Prince Age Riddle

    Current Future Past

    Princess x 2z (x+y)/2
    Prince y x z

    I then created three equations, since the difference in their age will always be the same.

    d = the difference in ages

    x y = d
    2z x = d
    x/2 + y/2 z = d

    I then created a matrix and solved it using row reduction.

    x y z

    1 -1 0 d
    -1 0 2 d
    .5 .5 -1 d

    It reduced to:

    x y z

    1 0 0 4d
    0 1 0 3d
    0 0 1 5d/2

    This means that you can pick any difference you want (an even one presumably because you want integer ages).

    Princess age: 4d
    Prince age: 3d

    Ages that work


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    2 4 12 48 240 Riddle

    240. To get the number, multiply the previous number in the series by its position. 48 is in the 5th position, so 48 � 5 = 240
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    Missing Dollar Riddle

    Hint: Make a list of all of the people involved and how much money they ended up with/spent.
    The $9 paid by each guest accounts for the $2 that went to the bellhop. So rather than adding $27 to the $2 kept by the bellhop, the $27 accounts for the bellhops money. The $27 plus the $3 kept by the guests does add up to $30.
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    Carton Of Eggs Riddle

    5 eggs are taken by the first 5 people, then the 6th person takes the egg , while its still in the carton!!
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    Finding The Value Riddle

    Horse = 10
    Cowboy-Boot = 1
    HorseShoe= 2
    The Last equation = 21

    Detailed Explanation :
    3Horse = 30
    => Horse = 10 .....(1)

    1Horse + 2HorseShoe + 2HorseShoe = 18
    10 + 4HorseShoe =18
    HorseShoe = 2 .....(3)

    2HorseShoe - 2Cowboy-Boot = 2
    4 - 2Cowboy-Boot = 2
    => Cowboy-Boot = 1 ... (2)

    Cowboy-Boot+Horse*HorseShoe = 1+10*2
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    Joe's 10 Coins Riddle

    A half-dollar, a quarter, four dimes, and four pennies.
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    Bat And Ball Riddle

    Hint: The answer isn't 10 cents.
    Here's the solution:

    Although $1.00 + $0.10 does equal $1.10, if you take $1.00 $0.10 you get $0.90, but the problem requires that the bat costs $1 more than the ball.

    So, the ball must cost $0.05, and the bat must cost $1.05 since $1.05 + $0.05 = $1.10


    Still not convinced? You can use algebra to solve the problem:

    First, lets set up the equation:

    x + ($1.00 + x) = $1.10

    $1.00 + 2x = $1.10

    2x = $1.10 $1.00

    2x = $0.101

    Finally, solve for x:

    x = $0.05

    Check your work:

    x + ($1.00 + x) = $1.10, so

    $0.05 + ($1.00 + $0.05) = $1.10
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    At The Hardware Store Riddle

    Prices quoted were for house numbers at 12 cents per number. A number'6' cost me 12 cents.
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