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Month Riddles & Answers

Month Riddles
Great collection of month riddles put together by our staff for you and yours to try and figure out. Test your skills and try to beat the timer in the top right corner. Don't for to tag a Facebook friend and share with others.

Here's a random month joke for ya: Q. In what month do people talk the least? A. February - Because it's the shortest month of the year.

No Matter How Little Or How Much You Use Me Riddle

A Calendar
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What Is Seen Directly Before January And February Riddle

Among all the twelve months in a year the two foremost months - January and February have a common ending.

The word January is derived from the Latin word 'Januarius' which means 'the month of Janus' Janus is also called the two-faced God. He is the Roman god who presides over doors and beginnings.

He symbolizes all beginnings and exhibits the capacity to foretell the past and the future.

Since January is the first month of the year it represents the door to the time calendar.

February is derived from the Latin word 'Februarius'. Februa is the name of a famous purification feast held in this month. Hence the name evolved into February.

Thus both these months have names derived from Latin and a common ending with the letters 'uary'.
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The Month That Soldiers Hate Riddle

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Seen In The Middle Of March

The letter R
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What Did I Forget Riddle


ANS: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. What did I forget?
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Soldiers Hate Most Riddle

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28 Days Riddle

All months have 28 days.
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A Hot Date

Pick any date in August. They don't get much hotter than that.
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Birthday Traditions Riddle

Mark's mom said, "Your father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all born in January. You were born in July."
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Thirty Days Riddle

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Cranberry Sauce And Pumpkin Pie

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Cow's Favorite Month Riddle

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Represent 8 But Counted As 10

Hint: I have 2 birthstones
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3661 Seconds Past Midnight

The time and date will be 01:01:01 on 01/01/01.
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The Coldest Month Riddle

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Post Your Month Riddles Puns Below

Can you come up with a cool, funny or clever Month Riddles of your own? Post it below (without the answer) to see if you can stump our users.

1. January was feeling blue,

So February stepped in with something new.

2. Marching into April with high hopes,

Only to find May had other jokes.

3. June was feeling hot and bothered,

But July had a plan that weathered.

4. August was feeling restless and wild,

Until September calmed him with a mild smile.

5. October brought a spooky surprise,

While November snuck in with something wise.

6. December came with joy and cheer,

A perfect end to a funny year.

7. January was so cold,

February came with hearts of gold.

8. March came in like a lion,

April answered with a pun that was flyin'.

9. May flowers bloomed so sweet,

June was looking for a summer retreat.

10. July's weather made us hot,

August was the month we tied the knot.

11. September brought school days back,

October's candy was quite the snack.

12. With winter's chill set to start,

November brought pieces of art.

13. December's snow was thick and white,

January returned with a frosty bite.

14. February's hearts were oh so red,

March turned green with the leprechaun's tread.

15. April showers brought us May flowers,

June was the month we had outdoor powers.

16. July's fireworks filled the sky,

August's beach trips waved goodbye.

17. September's fall leaves were so bright,

October's skeletons gave us a fright.

18. November's feasts never disappoint,

December's cheer was on point.

19. January came with icy gusts,

February warmed with love and trust.

20. March danced with gusts and winds,

April blossomed with new beginnings.

21. May's sunny skies called us out,

June gave us summer fun without a doubt.

22. July sweltered with summer heat,

August was the month with vacation treats.

23. September brought school days anew,

October's ghouls made for quite the crew.

24. November brought the scent of pies,

December's holidays made us all wise.

25. January's snow fell layer by layer,

February's hearts made us feel fair.

26. March's madness did not know its place,

April's jokes brought a smile to our face.

27. May was full of blooming romance,

June brought new beginnings to enhance.

28. July's fireworks lit up in the dark,

August's beaches had a relaxing spark.

29. September came with a new school year,

October's festivals were nothing to fear.

30. November's feast was oh so great,

December's magic sealed our fate.

31. January's snowmen were all the rage,

February's love notes turned the page.

32. March roared in like a lion king,

April's jokes were the funniest thing.

33. May's flowers bloomed in an array,

June's vacations made the best day.

34. July's sun scorched the day,

August's water soothed the fray.

35. September's colors painted the town,

October's spookiness made us all frown.

36. November's turkeys had a great time,

December's holidays made us all shine.

37. January's snow was just enough,

February's love blossomed among us.

38. March chased away the winter frost,

April's pranks reminded us of what's lost.

39. May's green was so lush and thick,

June's fun was quite the trick.

40. July's hot rays beat down,

August's beaches made us all brown.

41. September's leaves turned to red,

October's ghouls filled us with dread.

42. November's pies made us all full,

December's magic was never dull.

43. January's snow made us shiver,

February's love made us all quiver.

44. March danced with its winds and sounds,

April fooled us all until our truths were found.

45. May's sun was shining bright,

June's fun lasted all day and all night.

46. July's stars sparkled in the sky,

August's water made our souls fly.

47. September's leaves were golden and bright,

October's spookiness gave us quite the fright.

48. November's tables were filled with plenty,

December's warmth was felt by many.

49. January's snowflakes twirled in glee,

February's hearts danced with love to see.

50. March came in like the king of the land,

April's jokes played with us so grand.
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