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Wearing A Helmet Riddle

She was on a crash diet
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The Safest Room

They'd both be safe because the lions that havent eaten in 3 months would be dead.
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Crossing Safety Riddle

The two boys go across. One of them get out. The other one goes back. He gets out and the man gets in. He goes across. Then the man gets out and the other boy gets in and goes across. Then the boy that was left gets in and now they both go across together.
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Crossing The Highway Riddle

Take the 'F' out of free and the 'F' out of way. (There is no 'F' in way!)
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Safe And Secure Riddle

A stable
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Inside A Burning House Riddle

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The Safest Room Riddle

The living room!
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Safely Across The Stream

He takes the goose across first, then comes back. Then he takes the fox across and brings the goose back. Then he takes the corn over. Finally he comes back alone and takes the goose across.
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Bring Your Safety Gear

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Safe New Zealanders Riddle

They spray paint X's on the back of the sheep that kick!
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A Prison You Feel Safe In

Your comfort zone.
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Fox And Goose Riddle

Take the goose over first and come back. Then take the fox over and bring the goose back. Now take the corn over and come back alone to get the goose. Take the goose over and the job is done!
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Post Your Safety Riddles Puns Below

Can you come up with a cool, funny or clever Safety Riddles of your own? Post it below (without the answer) to see if you can stump our users.

1. What does a cautious math teacher say about sharp objects? "Better be acute about safety!"

2. Why did the scarecrow refuse to wear a hard hat? Because he didn't have a head for safety!

3. What do you call a chicken that's wearing a life jacket? A cluck on the safe side!

4. Why did the tomato turn red with embarrassment? Because he forgot to wear his seatbelt!

5. Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road? Because he saw a sign that said "Stop ahead for safety!"

6. What did the traffic light say to the car? "Don't run reds, think green and stay yellow!"

7. Why did the bicycle fall over? Because the kickstand wasn't supportative enough!

8. What did the baseball player say about wearing a helmet? "It's a hit for safety!"

9. Why did the astronaut wear a helmet indoors? To protect himself in case of a space heater malfunction!

10. What did the lifeguard say to the swimming pool? "Hey, water you doing without a lifeguard on duty?"

11. Why did the salad chef wear gloves? To stay out of the 'chop'ping block!

12. What did the snowman say about covering up during a snowstorm? "It's no blizzard to play it safe!"

13. Why did the pig cross the road? To get to the safety aisle on the other side!

14. What did the duck say about wearing a life jacket? "Quack-tice safety always!"

15. Why did the magician wear safety goggles? To avoid illusions of danger!

16. What did the electrical engineer say about using proper gear? "It's a circuit-essential part of safety!"

17. Why did the cow wear a hard hat? To prevent moo-stakes!

18. What did the construction worker say about wearing a harness? "It's a fall-acious mindset to think you don't need one!"

19. Why did the oyster stop crossing the road? Because he realized he didn't have any legs to stand on for safety!

20. What did the firefighter say when he saw a rampaging bonfire? "It's time to turn the hose on some fiery language regarding safety!"

21. Why did the beekeeper wear protective gear? To avoid buzz-tifying accidents!

22. What did the astronaut say to his navigator? "Let's rocket to safety!"

23. Why did the frog stop to look both ways before crossing the street? Because he didn't want to croak prematurely!

24. What did the chef say about using oven mitts? "It's the hot spot to practice safety in the kitchen!"

25. Why did the cat wear a safety collar? To always land on her feet!

26. What did the skier say about wearing a helmet? "It's a slope to safety!"

27. Why did the tortoise wear a helmet? To practice safe shell-behavior!

28. What did the scientist say about wearing safety goggles? "It's a discovery that clear vision leads to avoiding danger!"

29. Why did the turtle stop to look before crossing the street? To avoid shell-shocks!

30. What did the car mechanic say about using safety gloves? "It's a mechanic-al necessity!"

31. Why did the dog wear safety shades? To avoid becoming blinded by fashion!

32. What did the gardener say about wearing safety boots? "It keeps dirt off the thyme and safety on the mind!"

33. Why did the football player say about using safety gear? "It's a game plan to tackle danger!"

34. What did the baker say about using safety mitts? "It's a recipe for preventing kitchen calamities!"

35. Why did the elephant wear a safety vest? For trunk protection!

36. What did the artist say about using safety glasses? "It's a creative outlook regarding safety!"

37. Why did the horse wear a safety saddle? To avoid bucking the trend of safety!

38. What did the astronaut say about using oxygen tanks? "It's a breath of safety in space!"

39. Why did the movie star use a safety harness during stunts? To avoid starring in a horror film!

40. What did the pilot say about wearing a safety vest? "It's a flightful thought to believe you don't need one!"

41. Why did the snake cross the road safely? Because he was a sidewindHER!

42. What did the whale say about wearing safety goggles? "It's a whale of a good idea to stay safe at sea!"

43. Why did the baseball team insist on using safety helmets? To avoid foul play!

44. What did the miner say about using safety lanterns? "It's a safe way to shine some light on a dark situation!"

45. Why did the chef say to use caution near hot stoves? Because it's a recipe for disaster!

46. What did the daredevil say about using safety nets? "It's the only way to fly without human error!"

47. Why did the drummer insist on using safety earmuffs? To avoid a rock and roll deafness!

48. What did the firefighter say about using safety hoses? "It's the quickest way to douse the flames of danger!"

49. Why did the lifeguard say about swimming in choppy waters? "Stay a-float and keep your head above water for safety!"

50. What did the clown say about using safety shoes during performances? "It's a juggling act to stay safe and funny at the same time!"