Fun Facts (Hints)

Listed below are some obscure and potentially helpful facts about puzzle questions:
  • In the Zimbabwe system of education, puzzling questions are a major tool of educators.
  • In ancient Greek literature, the art of riddle was used extensively to help keep audiences engaged.
  • There are many studies that suggest that challenging yourself with puzzling questions on a regular basis provides tremendous benefits for the brain.
  • The definition and the amount of the types of riddles there actually are, is something that has caused debates between scholars all over the world for centuries.
  • Many modern teachers use questions in the form of puzzles to help their students exercise their brains, and to help think of new concepts they may not have otherwise.
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    Puzzle Questions
    On the hunt for the best puzzle questions on the internet? Well, look no further because you have arrived.

    At Riddles and Answers we have compiled (what we know is) the greatest collection of puzzling questions on the internet. These challenging riddles are composed of a section that gives just enough information for the audience to solve the problem. Then asks the the viewer of this information to give an answer to a question relating to what was just given.

    These are some of the most frustrating and intense questions that you may be able to find around the web so keep in mind to exercise patience with yourself or your audience before giving up.

    Thanks for spending some time with Riddles and Answers. Good luck!

    An Attractive Girl Riddle

    Look at her hand. She has five fingers besides the obvious thumb that is not visible. This is not possible and that is what is wrong with the picture
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    The Fourth Column Riddle

    The correct choice will be the option 'd'.

    In each succeeding row, the previous column is reversed and the lowest digits are omitted.
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    Find Those Missing Numbers Riddle

    The number missing on the left is 8 and the one on right is 7.

    The pattern:
    The number in the center of triangle is the square root of the sum of the numbers sitting outside on the corners.

    10 + 22 + 4 = 36
    Square Root of 36 = 6

    In the same manner:

    10 + 42 + 12 = 64
    Square Root of 64 = 8

    12 + 22 + 15 = 49
    Square Root of 49 = 7
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    How Many Quadrilaterals Riddle

    36 Quadrilaterals
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    Hidden Tiger Riddle

    Look at the stripes at tiger's body. It's written there.
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    The Correct Number Riddle


    Tables consist of squares of the number from 4 to 12.
    11^2 = 121.
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    Pick A Card Any Card

    5 of clubs.

    The 5th number is equal to the sum of first four number (recursively until its value <=13). The suit will be same as of biggest card.
    eg Row1:
    5 + 7 + 3 + 11 = 26 = 8
    Since Maximum value is Jack of hearts, therefore, we will get 8 of hearts

    Similarly for the last row
    12+13+2+5 = 32 = 5
    Since Maximum value is King of a club, therefore, we will get 5 of a club.
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    Count The Number Of Circles Riddle

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    Shoe Man Whistle

    The third equation has a term with a pair of whistles. The last line involves a single whistle.

    Furthermore, the man in the second and third lines are wearing a whistle, but the man in the last line is not wearing a whistle. Presumably the value of the whistle should be accounted for to get the correct answer.

    The pictures can be translated into the following equations:

    shoes + shoes + shoes = 30
    shoes + (man + whistle) + (man + whistle) = 20
    (man + whistle) + 2(whistles) + 2(whistles) = 13
    shoes + (man) x (whistle) = ?

    From the first equation we can solve for the shoes value:

    shoes + shoes + shoes = 30
    3(shoes) = 30
    shoes = 10

    We can then solve the second equation for the (man + whistle) value:

    shoes + (man + whistle) + (man + whistle) = 20
    10 + 2(man + whistle) = 20
    2(man + whistle) = 10
    man + whistle = 5

    Then we solve the third equation for the whistle:

    (man + whistle) + 2(whistles) + 2(whistles) = 13
    5 + 4(whistles) = 13
    4(whistles) = 8
    whistle = 2

    We also need to solve for the value of the man:

    man + whistle = 5
    man + 2 = 5
    man = 3

    Now we can evaluate the final expression, remembering the order of operations that multiplication should be evaluated before addition:

    shoes + (man) x (whistle) = ?

    10 + 3 x 2
    = 10 + 3 x 2
    = 10 + 6
    = 16
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    Banana Clock Riddle

    Hint: 1. Look closely at the clock. 2. Number of Bananas. 3. Some thing regarding the sides of the Shapes figure.

    Logic :
    From 1st the hexagon shape has value 15.
    The shape has 15 edges(6 of hexagon,5 of Pentagon and 4 of Square)
    From 2nd we get value of one bunch of bananas is 4.
    So each banana has value of 1.
    From 3rd we get that each clock has value of 3.
    Which resembles the time on the clock which is 3.
    Hence by using these insights, we get the last required values as
    Clock = 2 (2 in the clock)
    Bananas = 3 (3 bananas in the bunch)
    Hexagon = 11 (Hexagon[6 sides] and pentagon[5 sides], so 6+5=11)
    So required value is
    2+3+33=? (Multiply first - Bodmas rule)
    5+33=38 and hence the answer is 38.
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